DRFC 22 - Army 29

This past Sunday the DRFC took on Army in New York at West Point in their first preseason match. From the first whistle, both teams put up strong defenses which resulted in no tries scored for the first 15 minutes. Co-captain Patrick Sheehy 20’ broke the silence by slotting in a deep penalty kick for points. However, after a strong goal line stand from the Big Green, Army answered with a try and a conversion taking the lead 7 -3. Army then stretched their lead by dotting down two more tries. However, before the end of the first half Mike Weir 22’ exploited army’s defense with a well-placed grubber that he himself chased down and offloaded to Andrew Skow 21’ who then offloaded to Charlton McArdle 21’ for an easy try in the corner. This made the score at half time 26 – 8. 

Dartmouth was the first to score in the second half. After a quick-tap penalty Weir 22’ steps an Army defender for a try under the sticks, allowing for an easy conversion for Sheehy 20’. The score was now 26 -15. Co-Captain Luke Bienstock then succeeded in finding the try zone after a few well played phases in Army’s 22. Sheehy again slotted the conversion making the score 26 – 22 Army. Army answered with a kick for points off a penalty, 29 – 22. Despite a hard fought second half, the Big Green was unable to score again. The final score read 29 – 22. 

All in all, the boys demonstrated a strong debut against a top D1A team with notable showings from young and new players such as Mattias Calvin 23’ and Tommy Ciesla 21’. The team looks to take what they learned from Army and apply it to UCONN this coming Saturday. Go Big Green!



Dartmouth started off strong against Army with Captain Struan Coleman 19’ winning the first restart of the game over Army’s tower.  Mike Weir 22’ touched the first try of the game down two minutes into the first half off of a pick from a Dartmouth scrum. 

Despite a strong defensive shift by the Big Green, Army was able to dot down a try of there own, making the score 5-5. Just before the end of the first half, Co-Captain Jack Badenhausen 19’ was able to pick off an Army pass to tack on another try. The Big Green closed the first half 12-5. 

In the second half, Dartmouth’s ball movement set up the athletic winger Gyorgy Brevnov 20’ for an easy try on the outside. The Big Green succeeded in stopping Army’s attack in the second half, making the final score 19-5. 


Dartmouth’s second match was against Navy. Despite a strong Navy offense, Dartmouth were able to force a turnover in the first half, which resulted in a try from the physical winger Luke Bienstock 20’ right under the sticks. However, Navy was able to counter with a try of their own, making the score 7-7. Before the end of the first half, Patrick Sheehy 20’ was able to put one more try down. Dartmouth took the lead, 14-7. 

However, in the second half, Navy was able to dot down three tries, which ultimately resulted in a heartbreaking loss, 24-14. 

South Carolina

In their third and final game of Day 1, Dartmouth took on South Carolina. After a long defensive stand, Jack Badenhausen broke the silence and dotted down the first try of the match. The Big Green took the lead 7-0. Mike Weir 22’ and Luke Bienstock 20’ quickly added tries of their own before the close of the second half. 

In the second half, Dartmouth again demonstrated offensive dominance. Captains Struan Coleman 19’ and Jack Badenhausen 19’ led the charge scoring another two tries for the Big Green. Seniors Kyle Burcin 19’ and Johnny Nuremberg 19’,  made a tremendous impact in the second half. Dartmouth finished 29-0. 


In day 2 of the tournament, Dartmouth again faced off with Army. Despite being down a try and having two yellow cards in the first half, Dartmouth was able to hold off the Army offense and put down a try of their own courtesy of Jack Badenhausen 19’. The score was tied coming out of the first half. 

In the second half, after a great defensive performance from both teams, senior Kyle Burcin ‘19 was able to break the silence with a brilliant try up the middle. This led to another Dartmouth victory over Army, 12-10. 


In their semi-final match, Dartmouth took on Clemson. Clemson struck first with a try. However, the Big Green struck back with two tries from Luke Bienstock 20’. As time in the first half expired, Clemson succeeded in putting down another try. The half closed 14-14. 

Clemson was able to score two more tries in the second half, resulting in another heartbreaking defeat for the Big Green. 14-22.

DRFC 43 - 5 Chico State

The lads returned to Carolina this weekend for the DIAA Spring Championship match against Chico State. A bit of contention regarding California’s sports funding rules caused pre-match drama, but the meeting went on as scheduled. Temperatures in the 80s and a dose of humidity met the squad at a beautiful pitch in Charlotte. A deep kick-off from Co-Captain Jack Badenhausen '19, toughing it out on an ankle injury, set the Big Green up for a lineout on the opposition 5-meter. Dylan Burke ’19 gathered an overthrow from the Chico hooker. The backs swung it wide from the ruck off the lineout, Lewis '21 to Weir '22, to Green '22, to Sheehy '20, to Badenhausen for the finish in the corner, a beautiful through-the-hands play, and putting 5 on the board less than two minutes in. An attacking scrum on our own 40 began the next march to the sticks, aided by from a kick off Freshman Phenom Mike Weir’s boot, which was recovered by Gyorgy Brevnov ’20, who came screaming down the pitch to recover the ball 10 meters out.

A minute and eight phases later, during which all fifteen worked to stretch Chico, moving the ball sideline to sideline twice, Skipper Struan Coleman ’19 exposed a gap in the line, crashing off Weir for a try under the sticks. A penalty drawn from Chico at the breakdown on their 40 put Pat Sheehy within striking distance, and he split the uprights for three more. A steal at the lineout from Malcolm P. Robinson ’22 put the boys on the front foot. Mikey Weir then found the Co-Captain Fuller Winton ’19 making a cameo appearance in the forward pod. In his classic “Champagne Rugby” style, the tall man galloped through the defensive line and evaded his pursuers, capping off the 50-meter run with an elegant dive into the try zone. Superb pressure from Dartmouth’s pack at the lineout forced Chico to try for the “X-ball” option (a short throw to the front man), which proved no better against Winton’s long limbs. The backs put it across the pitch for Luke Bienstock ’20 who dragged two defenders about twenty meters until he finally relented at the 5-meter line. A ball out the back from Weir to Sheehy put Koch '20 on the move. He moved then sent it wide again to winger Brevnov, who literally shook off three Chico defenders and spun in for the try. Some theatrics from Weir and Green filled the interim, most notably, a big cross-field kick that Green brought down on the edge of the try zone, but was ruled to have had a boot dragged into touch before ball met turf. The first half expired on a heavy-hitting goal-line stand from the Big Green, 29 to nil after the first.

The well was a bit drier for the first twenty minutes of the second half for the Big Green’s attack, with a bit of loose play from both sides resulting in several scrums and penalties. The silence was broken off a lineout inside the Chico 22-meter line, the boys swinging it cross-field with ease. On the way back, a hole opened for Weir as the defense fired up on the forward lines, 36 to nil 65 minutes in. A kicking exchange from the backs after the restart ended with a magnificent take from Parker Hall '20 at halfway. Weir put it back to the boot for Brevnov down the sideline, who gathered at the 22-meter line and glided in for the score. Credit to Mason Koch ’20 who set the platform with three consecutive receptions off the restart. Chico broke the shutout in the seventy-first minute with a goal-line dive for the chalk. A penalty put Dartmouth on the hind foot, and Chico’s attack made some meters through phase play into the 22. A series of tackles culminated in a strip from Coleman, gathered by JM Seibert ’19 who carried through the defense to clear the 22.

President Reed Kuivila ’19 also came off the bench and made his long-awaited return to the second row, offering a strong push in the scrum. Marwan Zelmat ’19 made his presence known, stepping out to the wing and positively barreling over two Chico defenders for a 10-meter gain (Zelmat has been out with injury since Tour, and secured a well-earned a spot on the DIAA side after he was cleared just recently). Coming back off the sideline, Seibert gave to Big Man Sean Dowling ’21 to bring Dartmouth deep into the scoring zone, then popped it off the floor back to Seibert to buy time for support to arrive and put the boys near the 5-meter line. Kuivila with a strong carry up the middle drew the advantage. With regular time expired, a penalty right in front of the posts would be the last play of our 15s season. Opting for points, the lads egged their Skipper Struan Coleman on to put the finishing touch on a wonderful four years for the ‘19s. Never mind the wide kick from our beloved No. 8, what a way for the Seniors to go off. Final score Dartmouth 43, Chico 5. In the words of our Skipper, memorialized forever in his USA Rugby post-game interview, “it was a great day to administer some beat-down!”

Medals, the trophy and pictures followed. It was a long road back from last year’s loss in Fresno, but the lads returned to finish the job, as we would well expect from any DRFC side. A huge congratulations to all, and a big hand to our seniors, who rounded out their last year of XV’s conference play undefeated. Those emotional final words shared by the ‘19s in the locker room after the championship are yet another testament to how profoundly special the Club is to us all. The message was strikingly consistent from all—the Club is our Home, our Family and the core of our Dartmouth experiences. As always, our gratitude goes out to the parents and friends of the Club who came out to support the boys in this endeavor. A very special thank you to the generous DRFC alumni who supported the financing of our competition in this years DIAA Championship. A full replay of the match can be found here.

The boys now transition into 7s training, with the CRC coming up in June. Stay tuned for more on the CRC and a special Senior Farewell post coming soon.

Thanks to all those friends and family of the Club who’ve been keeping up with our match reports this year. It’s been a true pleasure and privilege of mine to write them up. I’ve had very exciting material to work with—credit to the lads for that. I hope the reports have been enjoyable to read and the typos few.

Your Secretary,

JohnMartin Seibert ‘19

DRFC 51 - 17 UCF

Last Sunday, the lads took on the University of Central Florida for the USA Rugby D1AA Semifinals—our third meeting with the Florida side in the past twelve months. After an exceedingly chippy match over spring tour, Dartmouth’s intent was blue brain—play the system, ignore the antics. The first quarter of play was noticeably tense, with turnovers spilling forth from both sides as they vied for dominance at the contact point. Credit to Malcolm Robinson ’22 who put in a positively tenacious shift on defense, smashing back UCF runners phase after phase. His name, we have heard, is no longer to be spoken in the Sunshine State. Fuller Winton ’19 took down the ball in the lineout and charged forward to within 5 meters of the try zone to set the boys up. Then, Lewis '21 to Coleman '19 to Sheehy '20 out the back for Gyorgy Brevnov '20 flying in for the score to break the silence. Mason Koch ’20 earned a penalty at the breakdown, and Mike Weir '22 slotted the penalty to tack on another 3. UCF responded with a try of their own after a couple penalties conceded by the Big Green. In quick succession, though, our backs boots pinned the Knights back in their half, and a string of dominant tackles culminated in a turnover. Taking quick advantage, Lewis swung the ball to Weir straight away, Coleman again to Sheehy then to Jasper Green ’22 for his first of the day, opting to run directly over the last defender to put Dartmouth up 23-17 shortly after halftime. A big scrum from Andrew Skow ’21 and the forward pack drew the next penalty, 26-17. The Big Green's set piece was dominant. Strong defense from the boys put the black and gold on the hind foot in their own half once again, and freshly minted scrumhalf Jarret Lewis slipped through the attacking lines untouched with the intercept try. Andrew Badenhausen ’21, making a big start at 15 and earning his jersey on both sides of the ball throughout the match, touched down the next one on the outside. The pack struck again at the scrum, flush with the thick fresh legs of Chase “Quadzilla” Krivakis ’22, Sean Dowling ’21, JM Seibert ’19, and Shayne Miller ’22, turning over opposition ball and leading directly to a try on the wing from Luke Bienstock ’20. Bienstock powered his way down the sideline off a 22-dropout from UCF a few moments later, then gave inside to Coleman for the score. Love to see the selfless play from the fellas. The floodgates seemed to open wide into the second half, as the Big Green put up just over 30 points, giving credit to the strong and unrelenting effort from No. 1 through No. 23. Final score: Dartmouth 51, UCF 17. That’s 3-0 over UCF as well. Credit to the Florida boys for a match well-fought, and much more professional from both sides this time, nice to see in the Gentlemen’s Game.

The DRFC advances on to the final, 4th of May back down in North Carolina, against Chico State. The boys are knee deep in two big weeks of training for the match, and we’re quite excited to be back out on our magnificent pitches at Corey Ford. We’re incredibly lucky for the opportunity to lace up our boots and run on to Brophy or Battle any chance we can, and these sunny Spring days are nothing if not a reminder of that

DRFC 53 - 5 Sam Houston

The Big Green traveled down to North Carolina this past weekend to compete in the first round of DIAA Championship play. After a rainy walk-through session on Friday afternoon, a sunny morning greeted the lads as they turned up Saturday to take on Sam Houston, who would be the DRFC’s first opponent in the Quarter Finals. A good deal of chatter on social media and in the rugby press preceded the match, but the boys struck early. A SHU scrum inside their own 22-meter line led to an intercept try from Freshman Jasper Green '22 under the sticks, as the back line fired downfield and pressured the opposition just a few minutes into after kickoff. Dartmouth struck again in short order off of their scrum down on the SHU 5 meter line after the Dartmouth’s defense pinned Sam Houston’s backs deep in the try zone. Skipper Struan Coleman ’19 popped the ball up to Luke Bienstock ’20 who barreled through two defenders for the second score of the match. A dominant line-out in scoring territory put freshman phenom Mike Weir ’22 within 10 meters, where he delivered a beautiful ball to Green, who came screaming down the wing for his second try of the afternoon. Another strong iteration of the set-piece, this time a scrum, put the boys back on the try-line just before the half. Andrew Skow ’21 smashed through the SHU forwards for the next try. (For those who’ve been following our Match Reports this Spring, reliable sources indicate that Skow took in some Game of Thrones battle scenes—seemingly the “Battle of the Bastards”—for inspiration this weekend.)

Shortly after half-time, Green secured the hat-trick off of another connection between Mason Koch ’20 and Coleman at a lineout in the near the try zone. Malcolm Robinson ’22 punched through the next one after some impressive fight through the contact point. Soon after, Parker Hall ’20 gathered an offload from Senior JM Seibert '19 for a big 40-meter run setting up Robinson for another trip into the try zone. A long series of phases put scrumhalf Jarret Lewis ’21 inside the 5, where he skirted in for the next try. Penalties and conversions from Pat Sheehy ’20 and Weir. Credit to SHU for a match well-played, despite some personnel constraints and injury. Final score: Dartmouth 53, SHU 5.

Ivy 7s Tournament (1st Place)

The Big Green reclaimed their Ivy 7s title this past weekend in a strong performance that saw the A-side go undefeated and the B-side claim 5th place. The tournament also had a developmental bracket where the C-side gained plenty of experience.

The killer Bs started off the day with a close fought 10-12 loss to Brown that saw Mason Koch ’20 and newcomer Johnny Nierenberg ’19 scored impressive tries. They would go on to take on a formidable Harvard squad in round two. It was another tight match that saw the Big Green give up the lead late in the match. Kyle Burcin ’19 and Nierenberg put up tires that match. In their final match of pool play, the Bs defeated Yale 5-0 thanks to an early score by Burcin. The second side’s 5th place put them against Cornell. The boys had their first big victory of the day with at whopping 29-0 victory that saw tries by Tim Gerber ’21, Malcolm Robinson ’22, and a hat trick by Burcin.

The As breezed through pool play. Their day started with UPenn and the Big Green put up a big 36-0 victory. Mike Weir ’22, Struan Coleman ’19, Charlton McArdle ’21, Jack Badenhausen ’19 all got on the board. The second match was a face-off against Cornell which ended in the same score as the first. The first half saw Luke Bienstock ’20 and Jasper Green ’22 score. The DRFC continued the try spree continue with Fuller Winton ’19, Badenhausen, McArdle. The final match of pool play was against the Lions from Colombia. Green, Gyorgy Brevnov ’20, and Badenhausen tacked on tries to end the score at 26-0.

The Championship match was a traditional rivalry matchup against the hosts, Harvard. The Big Green got on the board first when Winton picked and skirted around the ruck near the try zone to go up 5-0. Harvard would then intercept a pass and convert to go up 7-5 which the score would stay at for the rest of the half. In the second half, Harvard was the first to score to extend their lead to 12-5, but after some grueling play the Big Green was able to break through the Crimson defense when Winton kicked and chased to score his second try of the match to make it 10-12. With little time remaining and Harvard down a man, Dartmouth spread the ball wide to Bienstock who sped down the touchline to dot the ball down and give the Big Green a 17-12 lead. That’s all that would be needed as the DRFC held solid on defense for the remaining minute of the match to close out the day. That victory brings back the Ivy 7s trophy to Hanover to make it X all time.

Additionally, Dartmouth was well represented on the All Ivy First Team with Kyle Burcin ’19, Fuller Winton ’19, Mike Weir ’22, and Jasper Green ’22. Also, captain Struan Coleman ’19 made the All Ivy Second Team. 

DRFC 100 - 0 UMass

The lads traveled down to Boston this weekend to take on UMass Amherst, who compete in the DIA division. The Second XV took to the pitch for a late morning opener, showing the Club’s depth as they defeated UMass’s second side. Big try time from President Reed Kuivila ’19, who slipped out to the far channel, collected a wide ball from the forwards, then pulled out his once-center wheels, cruising over 30 meters and a defender or two for the score.

The First XV kicked off at 2:00 p.m. and got out to a quick start just a few minutes in as Pat Sheehy ’20 barreled his way through two defenders from the five-meter line for the afternoon’s first score. The backs began to exploit space behind the UMass line soon after, experimenting with a cross-field attempt to Gyorgy Brevnov ’20, then chipping over the top again, moving the Big Green’s position downfield over 50 meters thanks to strong supporting lines and a couple sneaky offloads. Mason Koch ’20 came through with a full head of steam for a ball of the ensuing ruck from Mikey Weir ’22, and the defense was unable to impede his path to the sticks. The forwards continued to display creativity in a couple of unfruitful trips to the opposition 22, then connected off a turned-over line-out inside the UMass 22, putting it through over half the pack’s hands until Andrew Skow ’21 gathered a short ball and erupted into the try zone. Skow enjoys watching Beowulf and battle scenes from 300 to calm his nerves before a big match. Gyorgy Brevnov ’21 fired down the pitch off a mid-field scrum for the next try. A long skip pass over the top put Brevnov in again, this time on the right sideline, after a brief goal-line stance from Dartmouth. The half expired as young forward Malcolm Robinson ’22 put it to the boot and out of bounds for the first time in his Dartmouth career. The first half saw 43 unanswered points from the DRFC, with aid from a number of impressive conversions from Sheehy’s foot.

The second half began with a boom from Jack Bad’s boot, sailing 22-to-22. After a few phases, Dartmouth wound up taking a quick line out near the half, making its way from Jasper Green ’22 back to Jack Bad, who sliced through the defense for a long score by the posts. At the restart, the boys found themselves inside their own 22-meter line and opted to take ground on foot rather than kick downfield. Struan Coleman ’19 took the wide ball up to mid-field then fed it back in to Sheehy who danced past a few defenders, ultimately offloading to Malcolm Robinson ’22 who took it the rest of the way at high pace. Soon after, a big run from Koch led us into scoring range, where Mikey Weir ’22 put himself through on a masterful grubber that baffled the defense. The floodgates were open. Another big kick off the restart pinned UMass deep, forcing a wobbly exit attempt, which was returned by Jasper Green ’22 taking a defender or two into the try zone with him. Jacky Bones strikes again! This time, Brevnov catches up to the ball on a high bounce, launching it into the pitch backward and over his head all while airborne. Plenty of support was right behind, Sheehy scooping it up and giving it a toss over to Robinson who put it down. Luke Bienstock ’20 punched in the next one, followed in the final minutes by Jarett Lewis ’21 for two and the skipper Coleman ’19 for one of his own. At the final whistle, it was triple digits for the DRFC, 100 unanswered points over 80 minutes. Quite a way to kick off spring XV’s for the boys.

After the match, the lads took in a match between the New England Freejacks and Munster—a special opportunity to see Co-Captains emeritus Stevie Hinshaw ’18 and Ollie Engelhart ’18 bang it up. Thanks to the alumni and family who came out to support us this weekend. We were honored to be joined by the Class of 2017 Captain / Co-Captain team of Hayden Aldridge and Dawit Workie as well as Jesse Brown ‘17. “Hayden said it all.” What a legacy all these men have helped build here at Corey Ford.

The boys are gearing up for Ivy Sevens this weekend down at Harvard. Dartmouth look to return to the top of the podium this year after conflicts with DIAA competition meant that a mixed side competed last year. That side, nonetheless, did the Green proud, stepping up in a big way and earning the silver in the championship match against Brown. We’ll be in full strength on Saturday, with three sides heading down to Cambridge, and we’re looking forward to a big turnout in the stands, as we always do in Boston.

Las Vegas Invitational (1st Place)

This past weekend the Big Green headed out West to Las Vegas to try their luck in the Las Vegas Invitational. Two squads were brought out, the A side competed in the collegiate tournament and the B side which was in the men’s open tournament.

Day one saw plenty of success for both sides with each going 3-0. The A’s opened up with a 33-5 win over Utah State which would be their only points conceded that day. They then followed up with a 38-0 smashing of Syracuse and a dominant 43-0 thrashing of New Mexico. The Big Green’s success due to their ability to maintain long possessions an ultimately scoring which starved the opponents of the ball. It was a full team effort with all five replacements being used throughout each match.

The B-side bruisers started off with an electric 19-14 win over the Reds in which Dylan Burke ’19 scored the match-winning try with no time left. Then the young side defeated the Grenadier Guards 24-12 which was composed of the British military. The end of the day saw the killer B’s blank Western Michigan B 19-0.

On day two the A’s came in as the #1 seed and faced St. Joseph’s in the quarterfinals. It was the first side’s closest match all tournament. Despite being down at the half. The Big Green came back thanks to some individual brilliance by freshman Mike Weir ’22 who scored two tries. In the semifinals, Dartmouth looked the best it had all tournament with a clinical 33-12 victory over Utah. The DRFC barely went into contact the first half because of its ability to string together long sequences of passes which ended up in tries. Gyorgy Brevnov ’20 was lethal on the wing and broke the ankles of the Utes defense on the way to tries down the sideline. The Big Green booked its place in the championship for the next day.

The B’s ran into more competition on the second day. The match against Victoria Island University was a close one with the Big Green just falling short in the cup quarter-finals. That set up the final match against the Toronto Nomads. Unfortunately, the old-timers were too much for the young Dartmouth squad. Freshmen Jack Wagner ’22 stood out as a playmaker while Cam Parker ’22, Tim Gerber ’20, Chase Krivickas ’21, and Reed Kuivila ’19 were able to do damage with the ball.

The collegiate championship match was held in Sam Boyd Stadium where Dartmouth faced off against the University of Colorado. The Big Green got off to a quick start when Luke Bienstock ’20 dummied and took the ball 60 meters for the first try of the match. The Big Green continued when captain Struan Coleman ’19 stiff-armed passed the defense to touch down in the corner. At the end of the first half, Bienstock added his second try by capitalizing on a phase of passes from sideline to sideline. In the second half, Weir went off for a long run just short of the try zone, but Charlton McArdle ’21 crashed through the defense to extend the DRFC’s lead to 20. All remaining subs then came in, and Dartmouth killed the clock to finish the match 20-5. Jasper Green ‘22 and Pat Sheehy ‘20 were superb at setting up the Big Green for tries all tournament and co-captain Fuller Winton ’19 was great on attack.

Dartmouth came away with its first Las Vegas Invitational 7’s championship as it heads into the spring season. The young side displayed depth on both teams which bodes well as it prepares for the D1AA 15s Spring Championship and the Collegiate Rugby Championship.

DRFC 37 - Brown 7

Dartmouth hosted the Ivy League Championship match against Brown this Saturday at Corey Ford. As a cap to another successful Ivy season, the boys secured the Club’s 11th-straight Ivy title and an undefeated Ivy XV’s career for the senior class—yet another special moment on Brophy.

Pat Sheehy ’20 opened the scoring with an intercept try from Brown’s 22-meter, capitalizing on the Big Green’s relentless defensive effort off the line. Sheehy continued to lead the scoring effort, slotting two penalty goals over the following ten minutes. Dartmouth’s defense pushed Brown back within their 22-meter on as the Bears looked to add some offensive momentum of their own. Finally pinned back within their 5-meter, Brown looked to kick. Struan Coleman ’19 (Captain) rushed the kicker, and, putting his height to work, deflected the ball back into Brown’s try zone. Griffin Miller ’19 touched it down for the try. The boys’ next scoring opportunity came early in the second half off a Brown lineout won by the Dartmouth defense. A big run from Mason Koch ’20 kicked off by an offload from fellow ’20 Parker Hall, put the Big Green in scoring range. Off a quick recycle, Koch found himself at the center of play again, stepping in at scrumhalf from the base of the ruck. The boys put it through the hands to Charlton McArdle ’21 on the outside, who finished off the try. Fuller Winton ’19 (Co-Captain) put up a score of his own, as the forwards hammered the ball up the middle, opening space for Winton to dance the Brown’s back line on the outside. A big run up the sideline from Mike Weir ’22 put the Big Green within the opposition 22-meter once again. The boys moved the ball from one side of the pitch to the other, where Coleman stepped through several defenders and finally offloaded to Jack Badenhausen ’19 (Co-Captain) for the try.

The DRFC will head into off-season training, looking to prepare for Vegas 7s this winter and spring 15s tour to Florida. Thanks to all those friends, family, alumni and parents who make what we do possible.

DRFC 99 - Yale 7

The DRFC took on Yale this weekend at Corey Ford in the Ivy League Semi-Final match. Conditions were once again cold and wet.

The men in Green came out firing, with Gyorgy Brevnov ’20 winning back the opening kickoff from Jack Badenhausen ’19. After a string of hard-running phases, Jarret Lewis ’21 picked and went from the base of the ruck to punch in a try from a few meters out. Soon after, Malcolm Robinson ’22 turned over Yale’s ball, which the Big Green then put through the hands for Jack Badenhausen ’19 who ran in for the score from the wing. In relentless fashion, Struan Coleman ’19 (Captain) offloaded to Jack Badenhausen, who then danced through the Bulldog defense for his second try of the day. “Freshman Phenom” Mike Weir ’22 tacked on his first score of the day, stepping through Yale’s back line and shaking two tackles before a long slide through the mud into the try zone. With an opportunity to add to the points he’d been putting up via conversions, Pat Sheehy ’20 pushed through the line for a try of his own. Skipper Struan Coleman dove in for Dartmouth’s next try of another strong scrum from the forward pack. Mike Weir opened the scoring for the second half with another dazzling run to touch it down beneath the sticks. Brevnov darted in for a try of his own under 10 minutes into the second half, pushing the score to 68-0 Dartmouth. Topping off a strong performance, Robinson touched down a score beneath the sticks. The Coleman put in his second of the day, set up by strong running from the forwards and a short pass from Weir. Charlton McArdle ’21 put in two of his own, and Brevnov touched down his second try of the day to round out scoring for the Big Green. Dartmouth put up a solid defensive effort as well, driving back Yale’s runners with hard two-man tackles and consistently quick speed off the line. Final score: Dartmouth 99 – 7 Yale.

With the victory over Yale, Dartmouth will host the Ivy League final next Saturday against Brown. Thanks to all the DRFC friends and family who came out to Brophy for the match.

DRFC 44 - 0 Brown

The Big Green took on Brown for Homecoming 2018 under frigid conditions and outlasting showers of hail for the duration of the match. This was the meeting of the two remaining undefeated teams in the Ivy League. The weather slowed the pace of play for the first twenty minutes, as both sides adapted to the conditions. Eventually, Dartmouth struck with a penalty kick from the boot of Pat Sheehy ’20 to open the scoring for the afternoon. A big kick from Jack Badenhausen ’19 put the Big Green within Brown’s 22-meter. Soon after, the Dartmouth scrum turned over Brown’s ball 10 meters from the try line. Mason Koch ’20 then hammered through the Brown defense for the first try of the match. Just minutes later, the Dartmouth found themselves back inside the Brown 22-meter with another scrum opportunity. Another dominant platform set the skipper, Struan Coleman '19, up for a striding run into the try zone for Dartmouth’s third score. With a minute left to go in the first half, the Big Green turned over another Brown scrum 40 meters out. The backs took the ball up the pitch to set the forward pack up close to the try zone. After a few phases of pummeling the Brown defense, Mason Koch drove through for his second score of the day.

The second half started off with a bang: a deep kickoff from Badenhausen pinned Brown deep, and the Dartmouth kick-chase quickly turned them over on the 5-meter line. Swinging it cross-field quickly, the Big Green put up another try from Charlton McArdle ’21 just 40 seconds into the second half. Next, a quick-tap from Mike Weir ’22 off a penalty on Brown’s 22-meter set up Badenhausen through for a try. A few minutes later, Badenhausen kicked the ball deep into Brown's territory where Jasper Green ’22 dove on it for a try in the corner. With the clock winding down, the Big Green found themselves inside Brown’s 40-meter with a defensive lineout, which Dylan Burke ’19 took down with ease. Once again, the backs shot down the pitch, setting up another string of hard runs from the forward pack, culminating in a big try from Reed Kuivila ’19. A strong defensive effort from the Dartmouth side held Brown to nil. Final score: Dartmouth 44, Brown 0. Another great Homecoming victory for the Big Green. Thanks to all the parents, family, and alumni of the DRFC who made the trip out to Corey Ford to support the boys this weekend.

Dartmouth will take on Yale in the Ivy League semi-final match Saturday afternoon at Corey Ford.

DRFC 59 - 0 Yale

The Big Green traveled down to New Haven, CT this weekend to take on the Yale Bulldogs under the lights. After nearly fifteen minutes of play without a score from either side, Pat Sheehy ’20 broke the silence with a cross-field kick, masterfully gathered by fellow ’20 Gyorgy Brevnov streaking down the sideline. Brevnov laid a pass up for Fuller Winton ’19 for the try. A few minutes later, Dartmouth was again pressing into the Bulldogs’ 22m. Freshman Mikey Weir broke Yale’s line with a few shifty steps, then offloaded to Brevnov who danced into the try zone, centering the score beneath the sticks. Another series of phases took the Big Green deep into Yale’s territory once again, where Patty O’Neil ’20 finished off the scoring drive on a pass from Struan Coleman ’19 out of the scrum. Shortly after the half, Jack Badenhausen ’19, making his first appearance in a few weeks due to injury, showed that he was back to full strength, exposing holes in the opposition’s defense and setting up Skow for the try off a long skip pass from Jarret Lewis ’21. Winton took it in for the next try off a set of crisp passes through the hands just a few minutes later, securing his second hat-trick of the season with a 40-meter dash to the try zone. Weir put it to the boot once again for Winton, who scored his fourth try of the match just before the ball bounced out the back of the try zone. Gyorgy Brevnov added his second score of the night off another long run from Badenhausen ’19, who nearly had it himself before being dragged down by several Yale defenders just a meter or two short of the chalk. Skow touched down his second of the night to round out the scoring. Pat Sheehy knocked through seven conversions throughout the match, while Dartmouth’s relentless work on defense held Yale to nil. Final score: Dartmouth 59, Yale 0.

Around the Club, we often say that our success depends on far more than 15 men on the pitch. This weekend, we fielded a second side against Yale and a development side against Franklin Pierce, both bringing victories home to Cory Ford. Sunday, the boys came together to assist in clean-up efforts for the annual CHAD HERO race in Hanover, an excellent opportunity for the DRFC to give back to the wonderful Upper Valley community.

The DRFC is off this weekend and will spend the time preparing for the Homecoming match on October 27th at 1 pm against Brown University on Brophy Field. The boys are looking forward to the large turn-out of alumni, as we do every year and an exciting match against the Bears.

DRFC 92 - 6 Columbia

Dartmouth went down to New York City last night and took care of business against Columbia. Andrew Joubert '20 started the scoring spree for the Big Green within the first minute. The next play, Dartmouth moved the ball from sideline to sideline to put the ball in Charlton McArdle's '21 hands for the next try. Andrew Badenhausen '21 had himself a day and scored his first of three tries thanks to a nice offload by Fuller Winton '19. Then Captain Struan Coleman '19, Kyle Burcin '19, and Griffin Miller '19 all went off for tries of their own. Badenhausen scored his second try by sidestepping the defense, and Mike Weir '22 faked a dummy pass that tricked the entire Columbia team to score his own try. Dartmouth finished out the half with a try from Coleman who took possession of a stolen scrum.

The Big Green went into the second half up 59-0. Winton continued the scoring within the first minute, and he was followed by Badenhausen for his third try. Columbia scored its first points of the day with a penalty kick to tighten the score. Pat O'Neill '20 and Schneider '19 scored tries to finish the match, and Columbia recorded one more penalty for end the match at 92-6.

Dartmouth not only had a strong performance today but it also showed its depth as it utilized all 23 of its players. The team's depth was apparent as the reserves continued the pressure that the Big Green started in the first half. Patrick Sheehy '20 had himself a day with his foot by going 11/14 on conversions. Next week Dartmouth will return to the tri-state region as it visits the Yale Bulldogs in New Haven.

DRFC 95 - 6 Cornell

Saturday’s match against Cornell was a special occasion for the DRFC. DRFC legend, organizer of the historic 1959 tour to England, and two-time Club President Mr. Richard “Dick” Liesching sadly passed away a few weeks ago. The Liesching family chose to honor his memory by holding a memorial service at St. Thomas’ church before the match so that the club about which he cared so devoutly could be a part of the event. The team joined the family to commemorate Dick’s life, during which he laid the ground-work for so much of what we have today. It is an understatement to say that the club, and all those who have competed, fought for, and dedicated themselves to the DRFC throughout its history, owe Mr. Liesching a great debt of gratitude. Dick’s family, friends, and teammates, then convened at Cory Ford Clubhouse to observe the match played in his honor. We’re proud to have been able to deliver him and his family a victory. We would like to thank the Liesching family for giving the men of the DRFC the opportunity to celebrate Dick’s life and honor his contributions to our Club this weekend. May he rest in peace and his example continue to inspire generations of Dartmouth ruggers.

Above: Richard “Dick” Liesching (center) meets the 2016-17 side after a victory over Yale.

Above: Richard “Dick” Liesching (center) meets the 2016-17 side after a victory over Yale.

Freshman Malcolm Robinson '22 scored the first try on Brophy just under a minute into the match. Robinson would put up four more tries in his first start for the DRFC, a testament to his teammate’s relentless support and his own work rate. After Cornell responded with three points off of a penalty kick, the Big Green took firm control of the match, turning over Cornell’s ball off the restart, then sending it cross-field through several passes to Andrew Joubert ’20 for the try down the touchline. Just past the ten-minute mark, the dominant Big Green scrum would set Robinson up for his second try of the day, capitalizing on a Cornell knock near their own 5-meter line. In rapid succession, Dartmouth put up another try off of a turnover at the breakdown from Mason Kock ’20, with captain Struan Coleman ’19, Captain gathering the ball for a 50-meter run into the try zone. At 21 minutes, Mike Weir ’22 took the quick tap from Dartmouth’s 22-meter line after a missed penalty goal attempt by Cornell, running through several defenders before offloading to co-captain Fuller Winton ’19 who would score the try. Charlton McArdle '21 was a key impact player coming early off the bench and added a try in the 15-meter channel to make the score 47-3 just 30 minutes into the match. The Big Green put up a firm defensive stance to round out the half.

To begin scoring in the second half, Weir took the quick tap off a penalty in Dartmouth’s half, making a 70-meter break for the try zone and centering it under the sticks. Strong running and support off the ensuing restart took the Big Green coast-to-coast for another quick try in Robinson’s hands. Walker Schneider ’19 showed the crowd his aerial skill, taking down a high kick from Cornell, setting the stage for a strong run from Pat O’Neil ’20 up along the touchline and a great offload to Robinson for the try once again. Dylan Burke ’19 danced through Cornell's defenders for a big run out of the Big Green's 22-meter line and then dished an offload to Kyle Burcin ’19 who ran it the rest of the way for the try—a great example of the tenacious shifts put in by those seniors Saturday. Burke went on for a conversion (shout-out for the years of preparation that the loosie has been putting into his kicking skills) and a try of his own. McArdle and Matt Bettino ’20 rounded out the Big Green’s scoring for the afternoon for a final result of 95-6 Dartmouth. Pat Sheehy ’20 put through 5 challenging conversions on the day, once again demonstrating his prowess off of the tee.

DRFC 56 - 7 Harvard

The DRFC traveled down to Cambridge on Saturday to take on Harvard in the latest edition of one of the longest standing rivalries in collegiate rugby. Pat Sheehy opened the scoring with a penalty kick early on to give the Big Green a 3 – 0 lead. Hard work in set-piece play and relentless effort on defense kept the ball in Harvard’s half of the pitch for most of the match, allowing Dartmouth’s attack to set the pace. Fuller Winton ’19 (Co-Captain) led the Big Green’s scoring effort with an impressive hat-trick, scoring three tries in the first half. Winton’s performance was nothing short of outstanding, but he was certainly not working alone. His first try came off a big 10-on-10 hit from Jarett Lewis ’21, forcing a loose ball, precipitating the score. A strong scrum from the Green pack on Harvard’s 5-meter line would set the stage for the Co-Captain’s second 5-pointer, and Mike Weir ’22 offloaded to Winton in contact off another scrum on Harvard’s 22-meter line, which Fuller would run through the Crimson defense for his third score. Lewis started off the second half with a quick score of his own off a Green scrum a few meters out from Harvard’s try zone. For their fifth try, the Green pack leveraged its skill at the lineout, mauling to within a meter of the goal line and setting Weir up for a quick dive into the try zone. Shout-out to Struan Coleman ’19 (Captain) for his leadership in the set piece and Mason Koch ’20)for steering the maul with a hefty dose of Iowa power. A few minutes later, Weir punched in his second try, taking the quick tap off a penalty at the breakdown near mid-field and skating through most of the Harvard XV with a few shifty cuts and pass fakes. Not long after Weir’s show, the Big Green’s hustle from the defensive line paid dividends, with an interception from Will Shadek ’19 at the Crimson 22-meter line. The attack snapped quickly into shape, and Andrew Joubert ’20 scored Dartmouth’s seventh try of the day off a few quick passes through the hands. The DRFC’s final try of the afternoon came off a double tackle from Parker Hall ’20 and JM Seibert ’19, knocking the ball loose at mid-field. In a Fijian-style march down the pitch, the Big Green strung together eight passes, including two great balls from Hall and a 30-meter run from Pat O’Neil ’20, ultimately culminating in an offload from Joubert to Marwan Zelmat ’19 for the score. Sheehy nailed five conversions and two penalty goals from around the pitch, playing an important role in the DRFC’s scoring efforts as usual. Gyorgy Brevnov ’20 held down the wing with several big hits, shutting down Harvard’s attempts to move the ball into Dartmouth’s half of the park. Final score: Dartmouth 56 – Harvard 7.

With the victory over Harvard, the DRFC’s Ivy League season is off to a strong start. The boys take on Cornell in Hanover next Saturday at 1pm on Brophy. Special thanks to all the alumni, parents and friends of the Club who made the trip out to Harvard this weekend to support the DRFC. The stands packed with green were yet another testament to the Club’s strength and its importance to all those involved.

DRFC 45 - 12 NEC

The DRFC took on New England College’s Pilgrims this Saturday at Brophy Field. The Club’s preseason record stands even at 1-1 after the 45-12 victory over NEC. Parker Hall ’20, set up by a streaking fun by fellow ’20 Gyorgy Brevnov, led off scoring for the Big Green with a try just a few minutes into the first half. Jasper Green ’22 followed up a few minutes later, barreling through several NEC players for the score. In another display of the Class of 2022’s talent, Mike Weir tapped a perfect grubber down the touchline from just inside the 22-meter line, setting himself up for the try. Fuller Winton ’19 and Jarret Lewis ’21 added tries for the Big Green in the second half, and Mike Weir tacked on a second of his own. Weir and Pat Sheehy ’20 contributed penalty and conversion kicks. 

The Big Green put on a strong performance around the pitch. Dartmouth’s set-piece operated well on attack and defense, stealing NEC’s ball several times in both the scrum and lineout. Furthermore, the offensive and defensive systems ran smoothly, reflecting the hard work the boys have been putting in throughout the past few weeks. The backs spread the ball to the wide channels throughout the match, exposing numerical advantages on the wings and gaining significant yardage for the Big Green. The forwards made space of their own in the middle of the pitch, drawing in defenders and offloading for powerful line breaks. Monday, the team begins preparation for the Ivy League opener against Harvard in Boston next Saturday. Stay tuned for updates on the big week ahead.

DRFC 25 - 32 Army

The DRFC put up a strong showing against Army this weekend, with a final score of 25 – 32 in favor of Army. Fuller Winton (’19) and Jasper Green (’22) each contributed a try, while Mike Weir (’22) finished off a try and two penalty kicks and Pat Sheehy (’20) split the uprights for a conversion. Jack Badenhausen (’19) led the back row with several key tackles and an excellent kicking game, as always.
In all, the pre-season friendly was a solid display for the Big Green, including stand-out debuts from the Class of 2022. Although the team performed well against a top program, the Club’s biggest takeaway from the weekend was the promise shown on the pitch. The men have set a high bar for the season and demonstrated that they are willing to push themselves both on and off the field throughout the past two weeks.
The DRFC is looking forward to a big year, with Ivy League matches beginning in two weeks. In the meantime, we will see another pre-season match next Saturday against New England College.
Lineup v. Army:
1 – Andrew Skow (’21)
2 – JohnMartin Seibert (’19)
3 – Mason Kock (’20)
4 – Will Shadek (’19)
5 – Marwan Zelmat (’19)
6 – Parker Hall (’20)
7 – Struan Coleman (’19, Captain)
8 – Fuller Winton (’19, Co-Captain)
9 – Mike Weir (’22)
10 – Pat Sheehy (’20)
11 –  Gyorgy Brevnov (’20)
12 –  Jasper Lewis (’21)
13 –  Jasper Green (’22)
14 –  Pat O’Neill (’20)
15 –  Jack Badenhausen (’19, Co-Captain)
16 – Kyle Burcin (’19)
17 –  Reed Kuivila (’19)
18 –  Kenneth Rodriguez (’21)
19 – Dylan Burke (’19)
20 – Charleton McArdle (’20)
21 – Bradley Hart (’21)
22 – Sumner Erbe (’20)
23 –  Andrew Joubert (’20)
24 –  Walker Schneider (’19)

Collegiate Rugby Championship

The DRFC gave a strong showing at the CRC this weekend, taking two and drawing one of their three matches in pool play on Saturday to advance to the elimination rounds on Sunday. The day started against Iona where the Big Green responded strongly in the second half to make up for a rusty first half. Dartmouth was unable to score a third time which ended the match at 12-12. The second game was against highly favored Kutztown. However, the boys came out strong and controlled the entire match and won 36-12. The final contest of the day was against Temple. While the Big Green got out to a comfortable initial lead, Temple came back in the second half but the Dartmouth reserves were able to hold off the treat. Although the Day 1 results reflected the team’s strong play and execution, it came at the cost of some key play-makers, Coleman (’19) and Bienstock (’20), who were made unavailable for Sunday’s competition due to injuries.

Today, the reserves filled in seamlessly and contributed to the squad’s early lead against UCLA in the quarterfinals. Dartmouth got out to a 21-7 lead at the half thanks to strong play by Oliver Engelhart, Jack Badenhausen, and Fuller Winton. However, a few breaks let UCLA come back into the and the Bruins took the dramatic match in sudden-death overtime, having tied the score with a try in the last seconds of regulation play. It was UCLA that got the last score to advance to the semi-finals.

Dartmouth did pick up some awards this weekend though. Oliver Engelhart was named to the tournament Dream Team while Fuller Winton was an honorable mention.

D1AA National Championship

The DRFC came just short of the D1AA national championship, falling 38 - 30 to Mary Washington in the final on a scorching Saturday afternoon in Fullerton, CA.
After conceding the first try of the game, going down 7 - 0, Dartmouth surged back behind the boot of Patrick Sheehy’20 and an Ian Sullivan’18 try, to create a 16 - 7 lead. Sheehy was three of three for penalties on the day, all of which came in the first half, in addition to three conversions. Sullivan’s effort, which marked his first A-side try, coming in his final game of XVs rugby in a green jersey. Shortly after scoring, Sullivan bent over in exhaustion, was caught by the cameras heaving up that morning’s breakfast. 
The half continued with determined physicality from both sides. Dartmouth forwards Steven Hinshaw ’18 (co-captain) and Mason Koch ’20 both delivering energy in the forward pack, matched by some great runs in the counterattack from full-back Jack Badenhausen ’19. Despite a strong goal line stance from the Dartmouth defense in the final minutes of the half, Mary Washington was still able to pull out another try, bringing the score to 16 - 14 at halftime.
The Big Green would find themselves with a deficit to overcome, as Mary Washington took the lead and extended it to 33 - 16 in the earlier portion of the second half. However, Dartmouth was far from out of the game. Jack Badenhausen took a late hit, resulting in a Mary Washington yellow card, and Peter “The Hammer” Badenhausen ’18 arrived quickly to his defense, showing his brotherly instincts. With numbers up, a try from Koch and another from co-captain Ollie Engelhart ’18, with less than ten minutes remaining, would cut the Mary Washington lead to 33 - 30. Benny Goodman ’18, who came off the bench sixty minutes into the game, helped provide this offensive spark, facilitating quick ball movement.
With under five minutes remaining the Big Green would find themselves in the midst of another goal line stance. As the two teams battled inside the twenty-two, Dartmouth held up Mary Washington in the try zone. On the ensuing scrum, captain Benji Hannam ’18 demonstrated his work-rate to win back the ball on a tackle and poach. However, a highly controversial penalty on Hannam for an early release from the scrum would give Mary Washington yet another opportunity to score from the goal line, which they did, to make the score 38 - 30. Dartmouth continued to battle in the last three minutes, even past what appeared to be multiple uncalled knock-ons by the opponent but was unable to regain position before the final whistle blew on the 2017-2018 XVs season.
The DRFC players would like to thank the family, friends, and alumni who came out to the game and all those who have supported them this season.