DRFC 37 - Brown 7

Dartmouth hosted the Ivy League Championship match against Brown this Saturday at Corey Ford. As a cap to another successful Ivy season, the boys secured the Club’s 11th-straight Ivy title and an undefeated Ivy XV’s career for the senior class—yet another special moment on Brophy.

Pat Sheehy ’20 opened the scoring with an intercept try from Brown’s 22-meter, capitalizing on the Big Green’s relentless defensive effort off the line. Sheehy continued to lead the scoring effort, slotting two penalty goals over the following ten minutes. Dartmouth’s defense pushed Brown back within their 22-meter on as the Bears looked to add some offensive momentum of their own. Finally pinned back within their 5-meter, Brown looked to kick. Struan Coleman ’19 (Captain) rushed the kicker, and, putting his height to work, deflected the ball back into Brown’s try zone. Griffin Miller ’19 touched it down for the try. The boys’ next scoring opportunity came early in the second half off a Brown lineout won by the Dartmouth defense. A big run from Mason Koch ’20 kicked off by an offload from fellow ’20 Parker Hall, put the Big Green in scoring range. Off a quick recycle, Koch found himself at the center of play again, stepping in at scrumhalf from the base of the ruck. The boys put it through the hands to Charlton McArdle ’21 on the outside, who finished off the try. Fuller Winton ’19 (Co-Captain) put up a score of his own, as the forwards hammered the ball up the middle, opening space for Winton to dance the Brown’s back line on the outside. A big run up the sideline from Mike Weir ’22 put the Big Green within the opposition 22-meter once again. The boys moved the ball from one side of the pitch to the other, where Coleman stepped through several defenders and finally offloaded to Jack Badenhausen ’19 (Co-Captain) for the try.

The DRFC will head into off-season training, looking to prepare for Vegas 7s this winter and spring 15s tour to Florida. Thanks to all those friends, family, alumni and parents who make what we do possible.

DRFC 99 - Yale 7

The DRFC took on Yale this weekend at Corey Ford in the Ivy League Semi-Final match. Conditions were once again cold and wet.

The men in Green came out firing, with Gyorgy Brevnov ’20 winning back the opening kickoff from Jack Badenhausen ’19. After a string of hard-running phases, Jarret Lewis ’21 picked and went from the base of the ruck to punch in a try from a few meters out. Soon after, Malcolm Robinson ’22 turned over Yale’s ball, which the Big Green then put through the hands for Jack Badenhausen ’19 who ran in for the score from the wing. In relentless fashion, Struan Coleman ’19 (Captain) offloaded to Jack Badenhausen, who then danced through the Bulldog defense for his second try of the day. “Freshman Phenom” Mike Weir ’22 tacked on his first score of the day, stepping through Yale’s back line and shaking two tackles before a long slide through the mud into the try zone. With an opportunity to add to the points he’d been putting up via conversions, Pat Sheehy ’20 pushed through the line for a try of his own. Skipper Struan Coleman dove in for Dartmouth’s next try of another strong scrum from the forward pack. Mike Weir opened the scoring for the second half with another dazzling run to touch it down beneath the sticks. Brevnov darted in for a try of his own under 10 minutes into the second half, pushing the score to 68-0 Dartmouth. Topping off a strong performance, Robinson touched down a score beneath the sticks. The Coleman put in his second of the day, set up by strong running from the forwards and a short pass from Weir. Charlton McArdle ’21 put in two of his own, and Brevnov touched down his second try of the day to round out scoring for the Big Green. Dartmouth put up a solid defensive effort as well, driving back Yale’s runners with hard two-man tackles and consistently quick speed off the line. Final score: Dartmouth 99 – 7 Yale.

With the victory over Yale, Dartmouth will host the Ivy League final next Saturday against Brown. Thanks to all the DRFC friends and family who came out to Brophy for the match.

DRFC 44 - 0 Brown

The Big Green took on Brown for Homecoming 2018 under frigid conditions and outlasting showers of hail for the duration of the match. This was the meeting of the two remaining undefeated teams in the Ivy League. The weather slowed the pace of play for the first twenty minutes, as both sides adapted to the conditions. Eventually, Dartmouth struck with a penalty kick from the boot of Pat Sheehy ’20 to open the scoring for the afternoon. A big kick from Jack Badenhausen ’19 put the Big Green within Brown’s 22-meter. Soon after, the Dartmouth scrum turned over Brown’s ball 10 meters from the try line. Mason Koch ’20 then hammered through the Brown defense for the first try of the match. Just minutes later, the Dartmouth found themselves back inside the Brown 22-meter with another scrum opportunity. Another dominant platform set the skipper, Struan Coleman '19, up for a striding run into the try zone for Dartmouth’s third score. With a minute left to go in the first half, the Big Green turned over another Brown scrum 40 meters out. The backs took the ball up the pitch to set the forward pack up close to the try zone. After a few phases of pummeling the Brown defense, Mason Koch drove through for his second score of the day.

The second half started off with a bang: a deep kickoff from Badenhausen pinned Brown deep, and the Dartmouth kick-chase quickly turned them over on the 5-meter line. Swinging it cross-field quickly, the Big Green put up another try from Charlton McArdle ’21 just 40 seconds into the second half. Next, a quick-tap from Mike Weir ’22 off a penalty on Brown’s 22-meter set up Badenhausen through for a try. A few minutes later, Badenhausen kicked the ball deep into Brown's territory where Jasper Green ’22 dove on it for a try in the corner. With the clock winding down, the Big Green found themselves inside Brown’s 40-meter with a defensive lineout, which Dylan Burke ’19 took down with ease. Once again, the backs shot down the pitch, setting up another string of hard runs from the forward pack, culminating in a big try from Reed Kuivila ’19. A strong defensive effort from the Dartmouth side held Brown to nil. Final score: Dartmouth 44, Brown 0. Another great Homecoming victory for the Big Green. Thanks to all the parents, family, and alumni of the DRFC who made the trip out to Corey Ford to support the boys this weekend.

Dartmouth will take on Yale in the Ivy League semi-final match Saturday afternoon at Corey Ford.

DRFC 59 - 0 Yale

The Big Green traveled down to New Haven, CT this weekend to take on the Yale Bulldogs under the lights. After nearly fifteen minutes of play without a score from either side, Pat Sheehy ’20 broke the silence with a cross-field kick, masterfully gathered by fellow ’20 Gyorgy Brevnov streaking down the sideline. Brevnov laid a pass up for Fuller Winton ’19 for the try. A few minutes later, Dartmouth was again pressing into the Bulldogs’ 22m. Freshman Mikey Weir broke Yale’s line with a few shifty steps, then offloaded to Brevnov who danced into the try zone, centering the score beneath the sticks. Another series of phases took the Big Green deep into Yale’s territory once again, where Patty O’Neil ’20 finished off the scoring drive on a pass from Struan Coleman ’19 out of the scrum. Shortly after the half, Jack Badenhausen ’19, making his first appearance in a few weeks due to injury, showed that he was back to full strength, exposing holes in the opposition’s defense and setting up Skow for the try off a long skip pass from Jarret Lewis ’21. Winton took it in for the next try off a set of crisp passes through the hands just a few minutes later, securing his second hat-trick of the season with a 40-meter dash to the try zone. Weir put it to the boot once again for Winton, who scored his fourth try of the match just before the ball bounced out the back of the try zone. Gyorgy Brevnov added his second score of the night off another long run from Badenhausen ’19, who nearly had it himself before being dragged down by several Yale defenders just a meter or two short of the chalk. Skow touched down his second of the night to round out the scoring. Pat Sheehy knocked through seven conversions throughout the match, while Dartmouth’s relentless work on defense held Yale to nil. Final score: Dartmouth 59, Yale 0.

Around the Club, we often say that our success depends on far more than 15 men on the pitch. This weekend, we fielded a second side against Yale and a development side against Franklin Pierce, both bringing victories home to Cory Ford. Sunday, the boys came together to assist in clean-up efforts for the annual CHAD HERO race in Hanover, an excellent opportunity for the DRFC to give back to the wonderful Upper Valley community.

The DRFC is off this weekend and will spend the time preparing for the Homecoming match on October 27th at 1 pm against Brown University on Brophy Field. The boys are looking forward to the large turn-out of alumni, as we do every year and an exciting match against the Bears.

DRFC 92 - 6 Columbia

Dartmouth went down to New York City last night and took care of business against Columbia. Andrew Joubert '20 started the scoring spree for the Big Green within the first minute. The next play, Dartmouth moved the ball from sideline to sideline to put the ball in Charlton McArdle's '21 hands for the next try. Andrew Badenhausen '21 had himself a day and scored his first of three tries thanks to a nice offload by Fuller Winton '19. Then Captain Struan Coleman '19, Kyle Burcin '19, and Griffin Miller '19 all went off for tries of their own. Badenhausen scored his second try by sidestepping the defense, and Mike Weir '22 faked a dummy pass that tricked the entire Columbia team to score his own try. Dartmouth finished out the half with a try from Coleman who took possession of a stolen scrum.

The Big Green went into the second half up 59-0. Winton continued the scoring within the first minute, and he was followed by Badenhausen for his third try. Columbia scored its first points of the day with a penalty kick to tighten the score. Pat O'Neill '20 and Schneider '19 scored tries to finish the match, and Columbia recorded one more penalty for end the match at 92-6.

Dartmouth not only had a strong performance today but it also showed its depth as it utilized all 23 of its players. The team's depth was apparent as the reserves continued the pressure that the Big Green started in the first half. Patrick Sheehy '20 had himself a day with his foot by going 11/14 on conversions. Next week Dartmouth will return to the tri-state region as it visits the Yale Bulldogs in New Haven.

DRFC 95 - 6 Cornell

Saturday’s match against Cornell was a special occasion for the DRFC. DRFC legend, organizer of the historic 1959 tour to England, and two-time Club President Mr. Richard “Dick” Liesching sadly passed away a few weeks ago. The Liesching family chose to honor his memory by holding a memorial service at St. Thomas’ church before the match so that the club about which he cared so devoutly could be a part of the event. The team joined the family to commemorate Dick’s life, during which he laid the ground-work for so much of what we have today. It is an understatement to say that the club, and all those who have competed, fought for, and dedicated themselves to the DRFC throughout its history, owe Mr. Liesching a great debt of gratitude. Dick’s family, friends, and teammates, then convened at Cory Ford Clubhouse to observe the match played in his honor. We’re proud to have been able to deliver him and his family a victory. We would like to thank the Liesching family for giving the men of the DRFC the opportunity to celebrate Dick’s life and honor his contributions to our Club this weekend. May he rest in peace and his example continue to inspire generations of Dartmouth ruggers.

 Above: Richard “Dick” Liesching (center) meets the 2016-17 side after a victory over Yale.

Above: Richard “Dick” Liesching (center) meets the 2016-17 side after a victory over Yale.

Freshman Malcolm Robinson '22 scored the first try on Brophy just under a minute into the match. Robinson would put up four more tries in his first start for the DRFC, a testament to his teammate’s relentless support and his own work rate. After Cornell responded with three points off of a penalty kick, the Big Green took firm control of the match, turning over Cornell’s ball off the restart, then sending it cross-field through several passes to Andrew Joubert ’20 for the try down the touchline. Just past the ten-minute mark, the dominant Big Green scrum would set Robinson up for his second try of the day, capitalizing on a Cornell knock near their own 5-meter line. In rapid succession, Dartmouth put up another try off of a turnover at the breakdown from Mason Kock ’20, with captain Struan Coleman ’19, Captain gathering the ball for a 50-meter run into the try zone. At 21 minutes, Mike Weir ’22 took the quick tap from Dartmouth’s 22-meter line after a missed penalty goal attempt by Cornell, running through several defenders before offloading to co-captain Fuller Winton ’19 who would score the try. Charlton McArdle '21 was a key impact player coming early off the bench and added a try in the 15-meter channel to make the score 47-3 just 30 minutes into the match. The Big Green put up a firm defensive stance to round out the half.

To begin scoring in the second half, Weir took the quick tap off a penalty in Dartmouth’s half, making a 70-meter break for the try zone and centering it under the sticks. Strong running and support off the ensuing restart took the Big Green coast-to-coast for another quick try in Robinson’s hands. Walker Schneider ’19 showed the crowd his aerial skill, taking down a high kick from Cornell, setting the stage for a strong run from Pat O’Neil ’20 up along the touchline and a great offload to Robinson for the try once again. Dylan Burke ’19 danced through Cornell's defenders for a big run out of the Big Green's 22-meter line and then dished an offload to Kyle Burcin ’19 who ran it the rest of the way for the try—a great example of the tenacious shifts put in by those seniors Saturday. Burke went on for a conversion (shout-out for the years of preparation that the loosie has been putting into his kicking skills) and a try of his own. McArdle and Matt Bettino ’20 rounded out the Big Green’s scoring for the afternoon for a final result of 95-6 Dartmouth. Pat Sheehy ’20 put through 5 challenging conversions on the day, once again demonstrating his prowess off of the tee.

DRFC 56 - 7 Harvard

The DRFC traveled down to Cambridge on Saturday to take on Harvard in the latest edition of one of the longest standing rivalries in collegiate rugby. Pat Sheehy opened the scoring with a penalty kick early on to give the Big Green a 3 – 0 lead. Hard work in set-piece play and relentless effort on defense kept the ball in Harvard’s half of the pitch for most of the match, allowing Dartmouth’s attack to set the pace. Fuller Winton ’19 (Co-Captain) led the Big Green’s scoring effort with an impressive hat-trick, scoring three tries in the first half. Winton’s performance was nothing short of outstanding, but he was certainly not working alone. His first try came off a big 10-on-10 hit from Jarett Lewis ’21, forcing a loose ball, precipitating the score. A strong scrum from the Green pack on Harvard’s 5-meter line would set the stage for the Co-Captain’s second 5-pointer, and Mike Weir ’22 offloaded to Winton in contact off another scrum on Harvard’s 22-meter line, which Fuller would run through the Crimson defense for his third score. Lewis started off the second half with a quick score of his own off a Green scrum a few meters out from Harvard’s try zone. For their fifth try, the Green pack leveraged its skill at the lineout, mauling to within a meter of the goal line and setting Weir up for a quick dive into the try zone. Shout-out to Struan Coleman ’19 (Captain) for his leadership in the set piece and Mason Koch ’20)for steering the maul with a hefty dose of Iowa power. A few minutes later, Weir punched in his second try, taking the quick tap off a penalty at the breakdown near mid-field and skating through most of the Harvard XV with a few shifty cuts and pass fakes. Not long after Weir’s show, the Big Green’s hustle from the defensive line paid dividends, with an interception from Will Shadek ’19 at the Crimson 22-meter line. The attack snapped quickly into shape, and Andrew Joubert ’20 scored Dartmouth’s seventh try of the day off a few quick passes through the hands. The DRFC’s final try of the afternoon came off a double tackle from Parker Hall ’20 and JM Seibert ’19, knocking the ball loose at mid-field. In a Fijian-style march down the pitch, the Big Green strung together eight passes, including two great balls from Hall and a 30-meter run from Pat O’Neil ’20, ultimately culminating in an offload from Joubert to Marwan Zelmat ’19 for the score. Sheehy nailed five conversions and two penalty goals from around the pitch, playing an important role in the DRFC’s scoring efforts as usual. Gyorgy Brevnov ’20 held down the wing with several big hits, shutting down Harvard’s attempts to move the ball into Dartmouth’s half of the park. Final score: Dartmouth 56 – Harvard 7.

With the victory over Harvard, the DRFC’s Ivy League season is off to a strong start. The boys take on Cornell in Hanover next Saturday at 1pm on Brophy. Special thanks to all the alumni, parents and friends of the Club who made the trip out to Harvard this weekend to support the DRFC. The stands packed with green were yet another testament to the Club’s strength and its importance to all those involved.

DRFC 45 - 12 NEC

The DRFC took on New England College’s Pilgrims this Saturday at Brophy Field. The Club’s preseason record stands even at 1-1 after the 45-12 victory over NEC. Parker Hall ’20, set up by a streaking fun by fellow ’20 Gyorgy Brevnov, led off scoring for the Big Green with a try just a few minutes into the first half. Jasper Green ’22 followed up a few minutes later, barreling through several NEC players for the score. In another display of the Class of 2022’s talent, Mike Weir tapped a perfect grubber down the touchline from just inside the 22-meter line, setting himself up for the try. Fuller Winton ’19 and Jarret Lewis ’21 added tries for the Big Green in the second half, and Mike Weir tacked on a second of his own. Weir and Pat Sheehy ’20 contributed penalty and conversion kicks. 

The Big Green put on a strong performance around the pitch. Dartmouth’s set-piece operated well on attack and defense, stealing NEC’s ball several times in both the scrum and lineout. Furthermore, the offensive and defensive systems ran smoothly, reflecting the hard work the boys have been putting in throughout the past few weeks. The backs spread the ball to the wide channels throughout the match, exposing numerical advantages on the wings and gaining significant yardage for the Big Green. The forwards made space of their own in the middle of the pitch, drawing in defenders and offloading for powerful line breaks. Monday, the team begins preparation for the Ivy League opener against Harvard in Boston next Saturday. Stay tuned for updates on the big week ahead.

DRFC 25 - 32 Army

The DRFC put up a strong showing against Army this weekend, with a final score of 25 – 32 in favor of Army. Fuller Winton (’19) and Jasper Green (’22) each contributed a try, while Mike Weir (’22) finished off a try and two penalty kicks and Pat Sheehy (’20) split the uprights for a conversion. Jack Badenhausen (’19) led the back row with several key tackles and an excellent kicking game, as always.
In all, the pre-season friendly was a solid display for the Big Green, including stand-out debuts from the Class of 2022. Although the team performed well against a top program, the Club’s biggest takeaway from the weekend was the promise shown on the pitch. The men have set a high bar for the season and demonstrated that they are willing to push themselves both on and off the field throughout the past two weeks.
The DRFC is looking forward to a big year, with Ivy League matches beginning in two weeks. In the meantime, we will see another pre-season match next Saturday against New England College.
Lineup v. Army:
1 – Andrew Skow (’21)
2 – JohnMartin Seibert (’19)
3 – Mason Kock (’20)
4 – Will Shadek (’19)
5 – Marwan Zelmat (’19)
6 – Parker Hall (’20)
7 – Struan Coleman (’19, Captain)
8 – Fuller Winton (’19, Co-Captain)
9 – Mike Weir (’22)
10 – Pat Sheehy (’20)
11 –  Gyorgy Brevnov (’20)
12 –  Jasper Lewis (’21)
13 –  Jasper Green (’22)
14 –  Pat O’Neill (’20)
15 –  Jack Badenhausen (’19, Co-Captain)
16 – Kyle Burcin (’19)
17 –  Reed Kuivila (’19)
18 –  Kenneth Rodriguez (’21)
19 – Dylan Burke (’19)
20 – Charleton McArdle (’20)
21 – Bradley Hart (’21)
22 – Sumner Erbe (’20)
23 –  Andrew Joubert (’20)
24 –  Walker Schneider (’19)

Collegiate Rugby Championship

The DRFC gave a strong showing at the CRC this weekend, taking two and drawing one of their three matches in pool play on Saturday to advance to the elimination rounds on Sunday. The day started against Iona where the Big Green responded strongly in the second half to make up for a rusty first half. Dartmouth was unable to score a third time which ended the match at 12-12. The second game was against highly favored Kutztown. However, the boys came out strong and controlled the entire match and won 36-12. The final contest of the day was against Temple. While the Big Green got out to a comfortable initial lead, Temple came back in the second half but the Dartmouth reserves were able to hold off the treat. Although the Day 1 results reflected the team’s strong play and execution, it came at the cost of some key play-makers, Coleman (’19) and Bienstock (’20), who were made unavailable for Sunday’s competition due to injuries.

Today, the reserves filled in seamlessly and contributed to the squad’s early lead against UCLA in the quarterfinals. Dartmouth got out to a 21-7 lead at the half thanks to strong play by Oliver Engelhart, Jack Badenhausen, and Fuller Winton. However, a few breaks let UCLA come back into the and the Bruins took the dramatic match in sudden-death overtime, having tied the score with a try in the last seconds of regulation play. It was UCLA that got the last score to advance to the semi-finals.

Dartmouth did pick up some awards this weekend though. Oliver Engelhart was named to the tournament Dream Team while Fuller Winton was an honorable mention.

D1AA National Championship

The DRFC came just short of the D1AA national championship, falling 38 - 30 to Mary Washington in the final on a scorching Saturday afternoon in Fullerton, CA.
After conceding the first try of the game, going down 7 - 0, Dartmouth surged back behind the boot of Patrick Sheehy’20 and an Ian Sullivan’18 try, to create a 16 - 7 lead. Sheehy was three of three for penalties on the day, all of which came in the first half, in addition to three conversions. Sullivan’s effort, which marked his first A-side try, coming in his final game of XVs rugby in a green jersey. Shortly after scoring, Sullivan bent over in exhaustion, was caught by the cameras heaving up that morning’s breakfast. 
The half continued with determined physicality from both sides. Dartmouth forwards Steven Hinshaw ’18 (co-captain) and Mason Koch ’20 both delivering energy in the forward pack, matched by some great runs in the counterattack from full-back Jack Badenhausen ’19. Despite a strong goal line stance from the Dartmouth defense in the final minutes of the half, Mary Washington was still able to pull out another try, bringing the score to 16 - 14 at halftime.
The Big Green would find themselves with a deficit to overcome, as Mary Washington took the lead and extended it to 33 - 16 in the earlier portion of the second half. However, Dartmouth was far from out of the game. Jack Badenhausen took a late hit, resulting in a Mary Washington yellow card, and Peter “The Hammer” Badenhausen ’18 arrived quickly to his defense, showing his brotherly instincts. With numbers up, a try from Koch and another from co-captain Ollie Engelhart ’18, with less than ten minutes remaining, would cut the Mary Washington lead to 33 - 30. Benny Goodman ’18, who came off the bench sixty minutes into the game, helped provide this offensive spark, facilitating quick ball movement.
With under five minutes remaining the Big Green would find themselves in the midst of another goal line stance. As the two teams battled inside the twenty-two, Dartmouth held up Mary Washington in the try zone. On the ensuing scrum, captain Benji Hannam ’18 demonstrated his work-rate to win back the ball on a tackle and poach. However, a highly controversial penalty on Hannam for an early release from the scrum would give Mary Washington yet another opportunity to score from the goal line, which they did, to make the score 38 - 30. Dartmouth continued to battle in the last three minutes, even past what appeared to be multiple uncalled knock-ons by the opponent but was unable to regain position before the final whistle blew on the 2017-2018 XVs season.
The DRFC players would like to thank the family, friends, and alumni who came out to the game and all those who have supported them this season.

Armory 7s

As the heavy hitters of Dartmouth Rugby were in North Carolina trouncing the Nevada Wolfpack, the real heroes of the club were in Springfield, Massachusetts playing in a drama-ridden 7s tournament. 

The DRFC again brought two sides. The second side lost both of its games, despite great individual efforts from Jonah Deykin '19 and James Gow '21. The A side lost to a determined JWU squad in their first game but soundly defeated the NEC second side in the next. Sam Stein '21 and Tim Gerber '21 both had multiple tries on the day. However, due to injuries and other unfortunate circumstances, the two teams were forced to combine in the playoffs, where they lost to the eventual champions, AIC. It was a good showing for the boys who showed that the depth of the squad is promising for the future of the club.

D1AA Spring Championship

Dartmouth marches onto the D1AA XVs national championship game on May 5 after claiming the D1AA spring championship in a 66-20 route of University of Nevada, Reno in after a hard-fought match on Saturday in Greensville, North Carolina. 

Mason Koch ’20, a man of no fear and a magnificent mustache, had a great showing, stopping Nevada’s big boys on defense, and scoring two tries. The prop turned 8-man, co-captain Steve Hinshaw ’18, continually battled through the Nevada defensive line, his energy, and intensity nearly boiling-over when called for a not-releasing penalty. Captain Benji Hannam ’18 made his return to the lineup, coming back from an injury he suffered against Cal on tour. The highlight try of the day came at the onset of the second half. After Struan Coleman ’19 won the restart, the Big Green put on a display of "champagne rugby" in an incredible sequence of off-loads, with Hannam, Struan Coleman ’19, and even Hinshaw, who finished off the play with a try, getting involved. Hinshaw’s mother commonly referred to by his teammates as “Mama Hinshaw” could be seen enthusiastically throwing up her hands in celebration, among the dozen of others in attendance. 

Other tries came from Luke Bienstock ’20, who had two on the day; fly-half Pat Sheehy ’20, who also contributed a penalty; Coleman ’19, cousin of Hayden Aldredge; Julien Johnson ’18, aka DJ Shades; Sir Fuller Winton IV ’19; and Marwan Zelmat ’19, his first A-side try and one of many who provided a spark off the bench. Charlton “Taco” McCardle ’21 and Jarrett Lewis ’21 also added energy as reserves. Lewis laid the wood in a few dominating tackles, and Taco made a long run off a restart which confused the new rugger as he looked around baffled as to how he was still untouched after reaching the opposing 20-meter line. The clock wound down, and the DRFC found itself victorious in a huge team effort.

After receiving a large, glass container in the trophy presentation, the Big Green had a 14-hour bus ride back to Hanover to look forward. Next, Dartmouth will play for the D1AA overall national title against Mary Washington on May 5th, as it looks to bring home its first-ever XVs national title in its first national championship appearance since 1988.

Ivy League 7s

On a sunny New Haven afternoon, the boys in Green trotted out for yet another Ivy 7s tournament. After they tied the first game 12-12 with Cornell, the Developmental side ran all over the rest of their competition and won the Developmental Tournament. A number players found the try zone multiple times - including first-timers Seamus "Moose" Hall '20 and Michael Perezous '19. Even the big man Jack Mackle '20 rumbled his way for an 80-meter try. 

The A-Side - taken aback by the warm temperatures and blazing sun - stumbled into their first game, which they lost 0-36 to Brown. After realizing the weather was not, indeed, some unnatural trick, they managed to pull themselves together to wallop Cornell 26-0 and defeat Columbia 19-12. An all-around great team effort saw Zach Kumar '19 end up with the ball in his hand on the wings in space, run very fast, and score many tries. 

The DRFC met Brown again in the championship, but redemption eluded the Big Green. After being stifled for much of the first half, Brown found the try zone for twice in the final minute, and twice in the second half, defeating the Big Green 22-0. The team showed a lot of promise with many young players being called up for the tournament as many of the usual starters were being rested ahead of the D1AA spring championship this coming weekend against the University of Nevada, Reno at East Carolina University.

Round 1 and 2 D1AA Playoffs

The DRFC ventured to Lawrence, Kansas, for the opening rounds of the D1AA XVs national playoffs. Dartmouth came away with two victories, on consecutive days, defeating the University of Missouri and the University of Central Florida, respectively, to advance to the spring championships for D1AA play.

In the first match against Missouri on Saturday, Dartmouth dominated possession in the first half, containing play inside Missouri’s twenty-two. Patrick Sheehy ’20 led the team with his boot, slotting all three of his penalty attempts and converting three of four tries. Seniors Julien Johnson ’18, Steve Hinshaw ’18 (co-captain), and Ollie Engelhart ’18 (co-captain), filled out the scoring of the first half, with a try each, and the Big Green went into halftime with a comfortable 27 - 3 lead. Mason Koch ’20 excelled defensively, forcing multiple turnovers through his rucking efforts.

The second half saw  Big Green scoring efforts and general play slow down, as penalties plagued the half. Five total yellow cards were handed out in the half, including three to Big Green players, leading to one DRFC member declaring that the sin bin was, “the most densely populated area in Kansas right now.” Nonetheless, Fuller Winton ’19 would score the DRFC’s lone try of the second half off of great ball movement from Sheehy ’20 and Johnson ’18, before substitutes came on to close out the victory. Dartmouth would walk away with a 35 - 10, earning the right to play UCF on Sunday, the next day, with a spot in the D1AA spring national championship at stake.

The next day, feeling fresh off of physical recovery following the game from the previous afternoon, Dartmouth delivered. Engelhart ’18 would score the first try a few minutes in, and the Big Green never looked back. Sheehy ’20 again delivered a brilliant game with his boot, connecting both of his penalty attempts and converting five of six Dartmouth tries in the half, including one from the touchline. Lead by brilliant set-piece play by the forward pack and consistent conversion of goal zone opportunities, Dartmouth went into the half with a 46 - 0 lead. Dartmouth would continue to stretch its lead going into the second half. 
Engelhart ’18, Jack Badenhausen ’19, Luke Bienstock ’20, and Gyorgy Brevnov ’20 each finished the game with hat-tricks. Freshman Jarrett Lewis ’21 also contributed to Dartmouth’s scoring efforts after coming off the bench, and Mason Koch ’20 again provided a brilliant match on both sides of the ball. Dartmouth emerged victorious by a score of 83 - 0.

On April 21st, Dartmouth ventures down to East Carolina University in Greenville, NC to take on the University of Nevada, Reno Wolfpack in the D1AA Spring Final, representing the semifinal game of the at-large D1AA National Championship.

DRFC 31 - 101 Cal

Dartmouth rugby concluded its Bay Area tour by taking on the California Berkeley Golden Bears #3, a top-ranked, well-respected rugby program; and the DRFC put up a performance of which they should be proud. The Big Green stayed with the Golden Bears for the first quarter of the match, as fly-half Pat Sheehy '20 converted a forty meter penalty, the games first points, and Luke Bienstock ’20 ran sixty meters for a try set up by a Julien Johnson ’18 interception. The try was the first of four for Dartmouth on the day, with Sheehy demonstrating a perfect record on conversions. Capitalizing on opportunities created by turnovers and forced errors was a consistent theme for the Big Green throughout the day. Dartmouth saw themselves down 24-10 through the first twenty-two minutes of play. 
About sixteen minutes into the match, DRFC captain Benji Hannam ’18 came off for an injury he sustained after forcing a turnover. While his time on the pitch may not have lasted long, his presence was missed as the skipper had already created multiple turnovers and put together a few nice runs. Other strong Dartmouth performances from the match included co-captain Oliver Engelhart ’18, whose incredible work-rate lead to Dartmouth penalties and line breaks and co-captain Steve Hinshaw ’18 who kept the Cal defense on their toes with strong running and showed persistence in his tackling on the defensive end.
Dartmouth put together one more try before the conclusion of the half, in a solo effort by winger Gyorgy Brevnov ’20, who ran a loose ball back fifty meters for a try. Going into halftime, the DRFC faced a deficit of 51-17.
The Big Green had a slow start to the second half, but their mindset quickly turned around. Dartmouth put together several phases on offense inside Cal’s twenty-two. After strong forward play from Mason Koch ’20 and Ian Sullivan ’18, the backs stretched the ball wide to Jack Badenhausen ’19, who was brought down via a high tackle in the Cal try zone and received a penalty try as a result. Later in the half, Dartmouth brought on several reserves, including Patrick O’Neill ’20 who scored the final try of the game after forcing and returning a Cal handling error, with only a few minutes remaining. As Cal looked poised to score a try to end the match, the DRFC defense remained resilient, defending its half well and applying pressure to Cal’s attack to force a knock-on to end the game. The final score of the match was 101-31, Cal.
The match served as a great ending to Dartmouth’s tour, as the Dartmouth side was only the second team to post that many points on the scoreboard against the Golden Bears this season. Dartmouth was gracious for Cal’s incredible hospitality as hosts—the team’s later shared lunch in the football team’s dining area—and both teams look forward to continuing their relationship and rivalry.
The DRFC now looks ahead to the D1AA national championships, which will start on April 7th at the University of Kansas. The Big Green have shown incredible improvement over the past several matches and looks to enter the D1AA tournament at their strongest this season.

DRFC 7 - 113 Army

The DRFC traveled down to West Point, NY this weekend to take on a well-ranked Army opponent as part of its preparation for its upcoming California tour, and ultimately, the competition the team will face this spring in the D1AA XVs national championship tournament. While Dartmouth lost by a wide margin, the game once again saw many opportunities for younger players.  Several members of the junior and sophomore class are off this winter which gives the underclassmen in the DRFC a chance to learn and grow as players. Luke Bienstock ’20 scored Dartmouth’s sole try, the game’s first scoring play, by running in a loose ball off of a missed pass by Army.
Dartmouth will continue to face tough opposition on its spring tour when it goes to San Francisco next week. Dartmouth’s recent and soon approaching matches against some of the best teams in the nation contribute to the DRFC’s preparation for the D1AA tournament, in which the team is looking to make a deep run and win its first national XVs championship.

DRFC 8 - 88 Navy

The DRFC’s recent trip to Annapolis, Maryland allowed great opportunities for younger members of the DRFC to get their first A-side starts, and for some, their first A-side minutes, as many of the team’s members spend the winter quarter immersing themselves in abroad programs and internships. The 88 - 8 loss provided several learning experiences and is part of a string of games against top competition in the nation for Dartmouth, as part of the DRFC’s preparation for the D1-AA XV’s championship series this spring.
Dartmouth was resilient in the games opening minutes, with tough tackling throughout the first portion of the match. However, Navy continued to drive downfield and eventually punching in a try after several phases within the Big Green’s 22. Dartmouth answered back quickly, however, driving downfield before  Benny Goodman ’18 slotted a penalty through the uprights, cutting the Navy lead to 7-3. Toward the end of the first half, after Navy had extended its lead with a few tries. Walker Schneider ’19, in his first DRFC start, intercepted a Navy pass and returned it for a try.  Navy would hold Dartmouth scoreless in the second half, but Ian Sullivan ’18 and captain Benji Hannam ’18 played strong defense with some dominant tackles. Hannam played with great physicality, forcing a turnover and powering a couple of line breaks through the Navy defensive wall in the game’s final minutes.
Looking forward, the DRFC will take on Army at West Point on Saturday, March 3rd, continuing to ready itself for a competitive spring season.

DRFC 43 - 22 Harvard

Dartmouth rugby bested Harvard, 43 - 22 in the Ivy League Championship game, on a cold Hanover afternoon, to claim its 11th consecutive Ivy League title. After exchanging penalties in the first few minutes, Luke Bienstock ’20 who had three tries on the day gave the Big Green an 8 - 3 lead about twenty minutes in. Patrick Sheehy ’20, minutes later, slotted his second of three successful penalties in the game, extending the lead to 11 - 3. The physical battle continued through the end of the first half, with hard running and steadfast defense by co-captain Steve Hinshaw’18 and several crucial turnovers forced by captain Benji Hannam’18. Another try by Struan Coleman’19 sent the Big Green into the locker room at halftime with a 16 - 3 lead.

Harvard would score early on in the second half to cut Dartmouth’s lead to 16 - 8, but Bienstock’s second try which came off of an interception would turn the momentum back around behind the Big Green. Julien Johnson ’18, Bienstock, and Oliver Engelhart '18 all added tries minutes later, surging the Dartmouth lead to 40 - 8. Benny Goodman ’18 came on in the second half to add speed to Dartmouth’s attack and Dartmouth, although conceding a pair of tries in the final minutes of play, held on for it’s eleventh consecutive Ivy League Championship and another season of undefeated Ivy League XVs play.

DRFC Development 72 - 22 Keene State

The DRFC hosted Keene State College on a sunny, fall day in Hanover. Captained by Benny Goodman ’18, Dartmouth dressed a mixture of A side and B side players making for an exciting balance of experience and eagerness. Keene State struck first, kicking for points off of a penalty in the first minutes of the match, but the DRFC rallied back quickly, finishing the half with a 43-3 lead. The strong first-half performance was highlighted by a great offload from Marwan Zelmatt ’19 to Will Shadek ’19 who ran the ball from end-to-end for a try - the 6’5” forward was calling for the oxygen tanks after the play. George Brevnov ’20 also had a very strong first half, scoring two tries and making several key tackles on the wing to prevent sure Keene State scores. Dylan Burke ’19 also led the forward pack to a dominant lineout winning percentage, delivering some big turnovers off of restarts for the Big Green.

Keene State started the second half off strongly, scoring a quick try but the DRFC would fire back, ultimately winning the contest by fifty points, 72-22. Several younger players made a big impact in the second half - Charlton McArdle ’21 led the charge, playing hard on both sides of the ball and powering through tackles to finish the day with two tries. Aidan Sheinberg ’20 came off of the bench at hooker and ran strong lines, dancing through defenders with speed. Bradley Hart ’21 also came off of the bench to start the second half at wing and sped through Keene State's forward line with confidence. Other strong performances from the bench came from Andrew Badenhausen ’21 and Jack Mackle ‘20 who delivered a surge of energy for the Big Green. The DRFC is excited by the potential of the young guys coming up the ranks!