DRFC 83 - 0 Princeton

Hanover, NH- it was a beautiful but chilly day as Dartmouth faced off against Princeton this weekend to defend its first place position in the Ivy League. Princeton, the only other undefeated Ivy League team, hoped to capitalize on some momentum, but the Big Green proved too much for the Tigers.

When asked about the game, Captain Hayden Aldredge stated, “what a chilly day, so much fun to play the game, I enjoyed my time.”

Dartmouth got off to a rocky start as a nice kick from Princeton and turnover by Dartmouth led to a Princeton 5-meter scrum within the first few minutes. However, Dartmouth’s relentless defense held the Tigers and forced a turnover and a huge kick from Jack Badenhausen put the play back into Princeton’s half. A penalty led to a Dartmouth lineout on the 22 and a well executed maul led to a Gordon Driscoll try giving Dartmouth a 7-0 lead 10 minutes into the game. After receiving the ball back and driving down field, Dartmouth mauled again and opened up oceans of space, allowing quick stepper Dawit Workie to make a move and flip the ball to Jack Badenhausen who punched it in extending the lead to 14-0. A couple minutes later, Luke Beinstock broke through the Princeton defense, but was held up in the try zone. Determined to get his chance, Beinstock cut through 3 Princeton defenders and put one down in the try to give Dartmouth a 21-0 lead. Dartmouth continued to dominate as Benji Hannam decided to have some fun and sent a grubber rolling to himself, downing the ball in the try zone and extending the lead to 28-0. A couple overthrown lineouts from the Princeton hooker led to a quick ball wide and a Max Parker try as Dartmouth went up 33-0. A beautiful run from winger Julien Johnson led to a tackle a couple meters away from the try zone and a quick pick and step from scrumhalf Pat Sheehy gave Dartmouth another try and a 38-0 lead. Before time expired, Julien Johnson selflessly offloaded to the other winger Jesse Brown for another try giving Dartmouth a 45-0 lead to close out the half.

Not wanting to take its foot off the gas, Dartmouth came out firing behind Captain Hayden Aldredge who hit a hard line and put one down under the posts putting up another 7 on the board as Dartmouth went up 52-0. Jesse Brown got his second try of the game a few minutes later thanks to an offload from Fuller Winton, but a missed conversion held Dartmouth to 57-0. Just after a line break from Jack Bandenhausen led to his second try of the game and a 62-0 lead. Hayden Aldredge showed some quick feet as he stepped a couple defenders for his second try of the game, extending the lead to 69-0. With a confortable lead, Dartmouth began to make some substitutions, however to the offense kept going. Dawit Workie sent a beautiful left footed chip-kick to Julien Johnson who grabbed the ball and threw off a Princeton defender for his first try of the game as Dartmouth went up 76-0. With only a few minutes left Hayden Aldredge used his lanky arms to get around a couple defenders and put another one under the posts for a hat trick. Dartmouth closed out the game 83-0.

Unfortunately, there was no B-side game to follow. However, only four games into the season Dartmouth remains undefeated with three shutouts.

Dartmouth will face off against Columbia next week.