DRFC 44 - 0 Brown

The Big Green took on Brown for Homecoming 2018 under frigid conditions and outlasting showers of hail for the duration of the match. This was the meeting of the two remaining undefeated teams in the Ivy League. The weather slowed the pace of play for the first twenty minutes, as both sides adapted to the conditions. Eventually, Dartmouth struck with a penalty kick from the boot of Pat Sheehy ’20 to open the scoring for the afternoon. A big kick from Jack Badenhausen ’19 put the Big Green within Brown’s 22-meter. Soon after, the Dartmouth scrum turned over Brown’s ball 10 meters from the try line. Mason Koch ’20 then hammered through the Brown defense for the first try of the match. Just minutes later, the Dartmouth found themselves back inside the Brown 22-meter with another scrum opportunity. Another dominant platform set the skipper, Struan Coleman '19, up for a striding run into the try zone for Dartmouth’s third score. With a minute left to go in the first half, the Big Green turned over another Brown scrum 40 meters out. The backs took the ball up the pitch to set the forward pack up close to the try zone. After a few phases of pummeling the Brown defense, Mason Koch drove through for his second score of the day.

The second half started off with a bang: a deep kickoff from Badenhausen pinned Brown deep, and the Dartmouth kick-chase quickly turned them over on the 5-meter line. Swinging it cross-field quickly, the Big Green put up another try from Charlton McArdle ’21 just 40 seconds into the second half. Next, a quick-tap from Mike Weir ’22 off a penalty on Brown’s 22-meter set up Badenhausen through for a try. A few minutes later, Badenhausen kicked the ball deep into Brown's territory where Jasper Green ’22 dove on it for a try in the corner. With the clock winding down, the Big Green found themselves inside Brown’s 40-meter with a defensive lineout, which Dylan Burke ’19 took down with ease. Once again, the backs shot down the pitch, setting up another string of hard runs from the forward pack, culminating in a big try from Reed Kuivila ’19. A strong defensive effort from the Dartmouth side held Brown to nil. Final score: Dartmouth 44, Brown 0. Another great Homecoming victory for the Big Green. Thanks to all the parents, family, and alumni of the DRFC who made the trip out to Corey Ford to support the boys this weekend.

Dartmouth will take on Yale in the Ivy League semi-final match Saturday afternoon at Corey Ford.