DRFC 100 - 0 UMass

The lads traveled down to Boston this weekend to take on UMass Amherst, who compete in the DIA division. The Second XV took to the pitch for a late morning opener, showing the Club’s depth as they defeated UMass’s second side. Big try time from President Reed Kuivila ’19, who slipped out to the far channel, collected a wide ball from the forwards, then pulled out his once-center wheels, cruising over 30 meters and a defender or two for the score.

The First XV kicked off at 2:00 p.m. and got out to a quick start just a few minutes in as Pat Sheehy ’20 barreled his way through two defenders from the five-meter line for the afternoon’s first score. The backs began to exploit space behind the UMass line soon after, experimenting with a cross-field attempt to Gyorgy Brevnov ’20, then chipping over the top again, moving the Big Green’s position downfield over 50 meters thanks to strong supporting lines and a couple sneaky offloads. Mason Koch ’20 came through with a full head of steam for a ball of the ensuing ruck from Mikey Weir ’22, and the defense was unable to impede his path to the sticks. The forwards continued to display creativity in a couple of unfruitful trips to the opposition 22, then connected off a turned-over line-out inside the UMass 22, putting it through over half the pack’s hands until Andrew Skow ’21 gathered a short ball and erupted into the try zone. Skow enjoys watching Beowulf and battle scenes from 300 to calm his nerves before a big match. Gyorgy Brevnov ’21 fired down the pitch off a mid-field scrum for the next try. A long skip pass over the top put Brevnov in again, this time on the right sideline, after a brief goal-line stance from Dartmouth. The half expired as young forward Malcolm Robinson ’22 put it to the boot and out of bounds for the first time in his Dartmouth career. The first half saw 43 unanswered points from the DRFC, with aid from a number of impressive conversions from Sheehy’s foot.

The second half began with a boom from Jack Bad’s boot, sailing 22-to-22. After a few phases, Dartmouth wound up taking a quick line out near the half, making its way from Jasper Green ’22 back to Jack Bad, who sliced through the defense for a long score by the posts. At the restart, the boys found themselves inside their own 22-meter line and opted to take ground on foot rather than kick downfield. Struan Coleman ’19 took the wide ball up to mid-field then fed it back in to Sheehy who danced past a few defenders, ultimately offloading to Malcolm Robinson ’22 who took it the rest of the way at high pace. Soon after, a big run from Koch led us into scoring range, where Mikey Weir ’22 put himself through on a masterful grubber that baffled the defense. The floodgates were open. Another big kick off the restart pinned UMass deep, forcing a wobbly exit attempt, which was returned by Jasper Green ’22 taking a defender or two into the try zone with him. Jacky Bones strikes again! This time, Brevnov catches up to the ball on a high bounce, launching it into the pitch backward and over his head all while airborne. Plenty of support was right behind, Sheehy scooping it up and giving it a toss over to Robinson who put it down. Luke Bienstock ’20 punched in the next one, followed in the final minutes by Jarett Lewis ’21 for two and the skipper Coleman ’19 for one of his own. At the final whistle, it was triple digits for the DRFC, 100 unanswered points over 80 minutes. Quite a way to kick off spring XV’s for the boys.

After the match, the lads took in a match between the New England Freejacks and Munster—a special opportunity to see Co-Captains emeritus Stevie Hinshaw ’18 and Ollie Engelhart ’18 bang it up. Thanks to the alumni and family who came out to support us this weekend. We were honored to be joined by the Class of 2017 Captain / Co-Captain team of Hayden Aldridge and Dawit Workie as well as Jesse Brown ‘17. “Hayden said it all.” What a legacy all these men have helped build here at Corey Ford.

The boys are gearing up for Ivy Sevens this weekend down at Harvard. Dartmouth look to return to the top of the podium this year after conflicts with DIAA competition meant that a mixed side competed last year. That side, nonetheless, did the Green proud, stepping up in a big way and earning the silver in the championship match against Brown. We’ll be in full strength on Saturday, with three sides heading down to Cambridge, and we’re looking forward to a big turnout in the stands, as we always do in Boston.