Dartmouth started off strong against Army with Captain Struan Coleman 19’ winning the first restart of the game over Army’s tower.  Mike Weir 22’ touched the first try of the game down two minutes into the first half off of a pick from a Dartmouth scrum. 

Despite a strong defensive shift by the Big Green, Army was able to dot down a try of there own, making the score 5-5. Just before the end of the first half, Co-Captain Jack Badenhausen 19’ was able to pick off an Army pass to tack on another try. The Big Green closed the first half 12-5. 

In the second half, Dartmouth’s ball movement set up the athletic winger Gyorgy Brevnov 20’ for an easy try on the outside. The Big Green succeeded in stopping Army’s attack in the second half, making the final score 19-5. 


Dartmouth’s second match was against Navy. Despite a strong Navy offense, Dartmouth were able to force a turnover in the first half, which resulted in a try from the physical winger Luke Bienstock 20’ right under the sticks. However, Navy was able to counter with a try of their own, making the score 7-7. Before the end of the first half, Patrick Sheehy 20’ was able to put one more try down. Dartmouth took the lead, 14-7. 

However, in the second half, Navy was able to dot down three tries, which ultimately resulted in a heartbreaking loss, 24-14. 

South Carolina

In their third and final game of Day 1, Dartmouth took on South Carolina. After a long defensive stand, Jack Badenhausen broke the silence and dotted down the first try of the match. The Big Green took the lead 7-0. Mike Weir 22’ and Luke Bienstock 20’ quickly added tries of their own before the close of the second half. 

In the second half, Dartmouth again demonstrated offensive dominance. Captains Struan Coleman 19’ and Jack Badenhausen 19’ led the charge scoring another two tries for the Big Green. Seniors Kyle Burcin 19’ and Johnny Nuremberg 19’,  made a tremendous impact in the second half. Dartmouth finished 29-0. 


In day 2 of the tournament, Dartmouth again faced off with Army. Despite being down a try and having two yellow cards in the first half, Dartmouth was able to hold off the Army offense and put down a try of their own courtesy of Jack Badenhausen 19’. The score was tied coming out of the first half. 

In the second half, after a great defensive performance from both teams, senior Kyle Burcin ‘19 was able to break the silence with a brilliant try up the middle. This led to another Dartmouth victory over Army, 12-10. 


In their semi-final match, Dartmouth took on Clemson. Clemson struck first with a try. However, the Big Green struck back with two tries from Luke Bienstock 20’. As time in the first half expired, Clemson succeeded in putting down another try. The half closed 14-14. 

Clemson was able to score two more tries in the second half, resulting in another heartbreaking defeat for the Big Green. 14-22.