DRFC Spring Training Camp - Post 3

Thursday 3/26

The week of preparations for upcoming tilts against St. Mary’s and Navy continued on this wet Thursday with a morning session in the mat room.  Split up into forwards and backs, the team worked on tackling techniques and clean-outs under the direction of coaches Hickie and Willocks.

Following a few hours of down time to fuel up and rest, the team joined back up for an afternoon session on Scully-Fahey turf with the focus being on offensive set-piece and defensive alignment.  Despite the weather, the team accomplished a lot in the hour and a half.  Getting into team after a few days of drilling home plays and setups is always to be enjoyed, and the team of predominantly freshman gave our first side a run for the money, something the DRFC always prides itself on.

Athletic trainer and grilling extraordinaire Ben Schuler prepared a feast of a barbecue at the Corey Ford Clubhouse for the team and the boys enjoyed a hearty meal together.  A night of sweet sixteen basketball and team bonding ensued, as the last couple familiar faces trickled in from their winter jobs.

The DRFC would like to extend its gratitude to the following alums for their support in the final third of the spring training camp:

Phil McCune '87
Tom Conger '61
Hank Greer '60
Mike Silberling '88