DRFC Spring Training Camp - Post 2

Tuesday 3/24

On Tuesday the club start started early with a full contact session in the Alumni Gym mat room. With some players returning from a months-long winter hiatus, we spent some much needed energy on perfecting our tackling form. The forwards even managed to work on their scrummaging, an area in which a revitalized pack looks to excel in our spring XV’s season. Younger less experienced players began the day in one group, followed shortly by the group of experienced, older Dartmouth ruggers. 

After a quick but filling lunch (plus a few hours to rest tired legs), we got back after it in Leverone Field House. Shutouts are always a game day goal for the DRFC, but the work comes first. To that end we spent the afternoon honing our defensive structure. At the direction of our stable of coaches, we practiced arranging the defense around a ruck and tracking down opposing offenses. We closed down space and prepared to make use of the tackling practice we had enjoyed earlier that day. It was a lively session with plenty of running for all. But before we called it a day, assistant coach James Willocks put us through our paces with our first 150 meter shuttle run test of the spring season. Everyone put forth a great effort, but special mention must go to Jake Levine ’15 who led all runners and Andrew Berson ‘15 who looked very much the man in form. 

On only the second day of double sessions, is clear to all that were getting better by leaps and bounds. With one week until a critical friendly with highly ranked St. Mary's, the team knows that every session counts.  We look forward to a successful for spring season and more opportunities to announce ourselves as a club to watch out for. We would like to again extend our gratitude to our generous alumni who made these sessions possible. Special thanks for support provided for the second third of the camp goes to the following alumni:

Brett McDonald '88
John Saer '79
Michael Fisch '83
Dave Klinges '79
Will Gray '59