End of Year Coach's Letter

Dear Friends,

With Fall 2017 in the rear-view mirror, we are provided great opportunity to reflect and review. November 11th, 2017 saw Dartmouth defeat a very strong Harvard team, 41-20, to win the Ivy Rugby Championship for the eleventh consecutive year. These accolades are a by-product of the relentless work ethic and commitment from all involved with Dartmouth Rugby. At the beginning of the fall, the team united around our mission and vision for this season and the ethos of the program. In honoring all that have paved the way for us, we embraced our three pillars: Character, Commitment, and Consistency. With a special thank you to the senior leadership group, Joann Brislin, Alex Magleby and the Entire DRFC Board, we have been able to continue the legacy and tradition that the DRFC stands for.

It is nice to have reminders that we are involved in something much bigger than ourselves. The DRFC is truly an amazing family. We experienced this first hand during Homecoming this fall, where we celebrated the most recent inductees into the Wearers of the Green for the 2011 and 2012 CRC Championships. To hear the impact that the DRFC has had on these young men and how much the students valued and appreciated their time as members of the club was something special. It is a testament to the culture and community, which has been fostered and developed since the club’s inception in 1951. My family and I are very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible program.

After a successful fall, we now turn our attention to the winter training to prepare for the Spring D1AA Playoffs, along with the Collegiate Rugby Championship. Winter is a great opportunity to develop physically, as well as refine our technical skills. Games this winter against Navy and Army will help provide valuable, high caliber game experience. After that, we are on to our spring tour of San Francisco starting on March 17, which will culminate with a game versus Cal on March 24th at 1 pm.

We thank you for your continued support and are excited to contribute to the legacy that is the DRFC.


James Willocks

Head Coach

Dartmouth Rugby Football Club