2017 Mens All Ivy Team Announced

Nine DRFC Players Named to All Ivy Men's First Team

Congratulations to the 15 men of our Ivy League schools who have been awarded with the distinction of being named All-Ivy honors for rugby!

Selections were made by vote of the 8 coaches of the Ivy Rugby Conference. These men are receiving honors for their skill and dedication on and off the field.

All Ivy Men First Team

1. Nick Carey (Harvard)
2. John Landers (Brown)
3. Krieg Greco (Dartmouth)
4. Jadrien Guy (Columbia)
5. Struan Coleman (Dartmouth)
6. Nkanyiso Nzimande (Brown)
7. Benji Hannam (Dartmouth)
8. Hayden Aldredge (Dartmouth)
9. Ollie Engelhart (Dartmouth)
10. Dawit Workie (Dartmouth)
11. Nick Hoynes (Brown)
12. Steve Dayneka (Harvard)
13. Luke Bienstock (Dartmouth)
14. Julien Johnson (Dartmouth)
15. Max Parker (Dartmouth)

All Ivy Men Second Team

1. Nezim Mmeswa (Princeton)
2. Gordon Driscoll (Dartmouth)
3. Vlad Sychou (Yale)
4. Brian Coryn (Harvard)
5. AJ Ding (Yale)
6. William Haynes (Princeton)
7. Alex Salazar (Penn)
8. Matthew Trembley (Columbia)
9. Max Weber (Princeton)
10. Alex Ogilvy (Brown)
11. Harry Seavey (Yale)
12. Connor McDermott (Brown)
13. Cameron Apple (Columbia)
14. Andrew Solidinhi (Harvard)
15. Ryo Inkyo (Cornell)

All Ivy Men Honorable Mentions

1. David Harris (Penn)
2. Ethan Venosa (Cornell)
3. Mohamed Shalan (Princeton)
4. Steven Hinshaw (Dartmouth)
5. Jack Bryan (Princeton)
6. Luke Hayhoe (Brown)
7. Scott Cockburn (Yale)
8. Tyler Preston (Columbia)
9. Matt Scimmanna (Harvard)
10. Jae Kim (Brown)
11. John Schuler (Cornell)
12. Adrian Odonayo (Princeton)
13. Joe Goode (Yale)
14. Patrick Sheehy (Dartmouth)
15. Robbie Waddilove (Harvard)
16. Alec Bayliff (Penn)
17. Trevor Anesi (Brown)
18. Edmond Hogan (Cornell)
19. Evan Wijaya (Penn)
20. Michael Ball (Brown)

Source: http://www.ivyrugby.com/news/2017-mens-all-ivy-team-announced