DRFC Summer Update

Late Summer DRFC Update From the Executive Board

Folks – we’ve had a more active summer than usual, with the departure of Gavin Hickie to the terrific opportunity he’s been given as the Director of Rugby at the Naval Academy triggering a buzz of activity for the Executive Committee. We thought it a good idea to provide a brief update as we prepare for the upcoming Fall season.

First of all, we would like to congratulate Gavin on his new position, and wish him all the best. Gavin did a terrific job in his five years as our Head Coach, and was very open and professional with us in his handling of the potential move to Annapolis. He leaves the DRFC in better shape than he found it, which has long been the catchphrase for all the members of the DRFC . Good luck, Gavin!

We are very happy that James Willocks will return to Hanover and become our next Head Coach. James’ familiarity with our current team, as well as his understanding of the DRFC culture, will add to his obvious skills as a rugby coach in making this transition as smooth as possible. We are grateful that James has decided to rejoin the DRFC family.

We also welcome Justin Goonan to the staff as our new assistant coach. Justin’s track record with Spring Hill College and the US Eagles coaching staff will be a tremendous asset to James and Technical Director Alex Magleby as we continue to strive to keep the DRFC at the pinnacle of US Collegiate Rugby.

Let us also remind all that on Saturday evening, October 7, the National Champion Sevens teams from the 2011 & 2012 CRC tournaments will be inducted into the Wearers of the Green. Following that, they will be honored at a pig roast under a tent at the Corey Ford Rugby Clubhouse. All DRFC supporters and friends are invited to join us, with registration available now at this link: :http://dartmouth.imodules.com/s/1353/directory/index.aspx?sid=1353&gid=369&pgid=12910&content_id=24659&authkey=C9JL6fBtyg4jKf0ZJAFsKBm1rhY2YOELhfKdsKP2P2BLpQ38Wl44ZA%3d%3d

This will be Homecoming weekend, the team plays Yale in the late morning, with the football team also hosting Yale at 1:30 PM – it promises to be a great weekend in Hanover. Make your plans to join us and sign up now for the highlight of the Fall DRFC season!! The annual DRFC Board meeting will take place on Sunday, October 8 at 10AM in the Clubhouse – all Friends of the DRFC are welcome to attend.

We close by extending the thanks of the team, the coaches and the Executive Committee for the tremendous work done by all the members of our Board of Governors, led by outgoing fundraising Chair Geoff Parker ’86, and for the financial support provided by you, our DRFC friends and family. Your support through the years allows us to continue to provide the highest quality coaching for our students.

We believe that the success of the DRFC is built on three legs, all of which combine for us to succeed:

·       The incredible commitment of our young men, every week, every year, to become the best rugby players they can be, to continue the legacy of the DRFC, and to be great ambassadors for Dartmouth College.

·       The dedication of our high quality coaches to assist these players in their development as players, and more importantly, as future leaders in our society

·       The incredible support that you, our friends and family, show every year to the DRFC, which allows the players and coaches the opportunities to succeed. None of this happens without your support!

Thanks again!

The Executive Committee of the Board of Governors – Rich Akerboom ’80, Jean Balgrosky P’18, Nate Brakeley  ’12, Mark Caron ’85, Dan Kenslea ’75, Geoff Parker ’86