Captain's Kickoff Letter

“A member of the DRFC honors the hard work of those who have gone before him by improving himself and others through a relentless work ethic within the daily activities of the club.”

There are few things that are as special as the walk from the parking lot over to the Corey Ford Rugby Clubhouse early on a late summers morning when the sun has not quite risen above the trees and the mist still hangs low over Brophy. The moment is extended as one opens the door and hears the familiar voices of teammates, returned from their various summer locations, reunited after several months apart.

While this has been a summer of change for the DRFC there are some things that will always remain the same. To grow you must know who you are and so two weeks ago the players of the DRFC sat down together and reflected upon what it means to be part of the club.  This resulted in the statement above based around three main ideas:

Culture. We remember those who have gone before us and how their work and their generosity has allowed the DRFC to be what it is today. The club is bigger than us.

Character. We seek improvement not only in ourselves but also in others. We elevate those around us through our tireless grit and recognize our roles to uphold the standards and reputation of the club, both on and off the pitch.

Commitment. We strive every day to get a little bit better. It is easy to be great for a week. It is much harder to be great for a season.

With this mentality and under the incredible guidance of Head Coach James Willocks and Assistant Coach Justin Goonan the DRFC has fervently prepared for the upcoming season. Two-a-day practices and increased ownership by the players has led to the greatest depth of talent that I have seen as players push one another to improve in all aspects of the game. Competition for places is fierce and selection has never been harder but our increased emphasis on the fundamentals and intensity should allow us to continue to carry out the free flowing, attacking rugby that has become a hallmark of the club.

With the fall season about to commence this Saturday, September 9th,, at 10am with a match against Penn State, we are putting the final touches on our preparations before we once again stride out onto Brophy. The DRFC has been the largest part of my experience here at Dartmouth and to be able to lead the team out this weekend is truly an honor and a privilege. I would like to thank you for your generous support and hope to to see you at the Homecoming gathering or at some other point this year.


Benji Hannam ‘18

DRFC Captain